Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it normal?

I read this website called is it normal? It's a website where people ask a question about something they do, think, or feel and see if people think it's normal or not and people comment on it.


IIN that I'm little attracted my cousin?

IIN to want to dress up cats in orange jumpsuits and pretend I'm a warden?

IIN to fear 2012, I fear Cows will take over

So, here's my is it normals.

Is is normal that I used to talk to the wind?
This shows the early age at which I started to lose my mind. When I was a child I would love it when it was windy out because I though I could control the wind, kind of like Pocahontas. I would take a footstool onto my balcony, stand on it and talk to the wind. If it was really windy I would say things like, "Shhhhhhh, what's troubling you," and, "Calm, calm, slower, slower, ahhh that's it." It was almost like a friend that I would talk too. If it was really windy I would wonder if something was on its mind or if something was bothering it and if it wasn't windy at all I would call to it to start blowing.
I lived right beside a school with lots of fields so when it was really windy I would go to those fields and run in the wind pretending that it was helping me run really fast; I spent hours doing this. I would hate to know just how much time I wasted doing this. I think I was about 7 when I started playing with the wind and it lasted for quite some time.

Is it normal that I would play in a laundry basket?
I would wait until it was really gloomy and windy out; if it was raining, even better but the conditions had to be very dismal. I would take this laundry basket and put it on the back porch. I would then put a blanket over the basket with me in it. From here on out I would role play, with myself. I pretended I was a runaway being chased and forced to take up shelter in a post apocalyptic world. I would have conversations with myself that went something like this:

Do you think it's safe to come out?
Yes, I don't see anyone around.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea what if we get caught?
But we have to at least try, we haven't eaten in days.

No, no, I wasn't with anybody else, this conversation all happened with myself and not in my head, but out loud, sort of mumbling. After this, I would sneak from the back porch to the kitchen. Okay, it wasn't so much sneaking because before hand I told my parents to ignore me and not to give me any attention but in my mind I was sneaking past the, "security guards." I would sneak into the kitchen grab a piece of bread, run back to the laundry basket and throw the blanket over my head. I would roll the bread up into a little ball to compact it. I always thought that compacted bread tasted better than fluffy light bread. I would pick at this piece of bread under the blanket and in the laundry basket until the piece of bread had been eaten and then I would repeat the process.

Is it normal that I would pretend I was homeless?

Around 9 years old or so I would frequently go into my backyard and pretend I was homeless. Do you remember that book, "The Little Match Girl?" It's a story about a homeless girl who finds a match book to warm her at night. As the night goes on, her matches start running out and she ends up freezing to death. Well, I would take a book of matches, put a blanket on my shoulders and go behind our shed. I would light match by match and keep repeating, "So cold, so cold, only a few matches left." My parents found piles of matches around the yard and thought I was trying to light things on fire. When I told them what I was doing, I think they would had preferred if I had been trying to light things on fire; It would had been less weird. I can't believe I would pretend to live in poverty for fun. This was all for fun. The thought of being poor and having to survive in the cold would be fun. What the hell. Why didn't I play inside, or I don't know, with other people.

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