Friday, December 10, 2010

Marine Iguanas

Did you know that land iguanas have develeoped the ability to swin in order to catch food in the region that they lived; therefore creating what we know as the marine iguana. They developed the ability to swim with webbed feet and slender tale and body. When times of low food availability the sea iguanas can actually shrink their body. They send out an enzyme that shrinks the bones so that it actually decreases in size, up to 9 cm. While they are decreasing in size the land iguanas are gettign huge. So big in fact that they are no longer able to catch food and moe around quickly due to their obesity. The land iguanas and sea iguanas have mated to produce a hybrid iguana that is able to climb treas and swim in the water. The Hybrid ends there because nor the land iguana or sea iguana are willing to mate with the hybrid to continue the line of adaptation. So If an iguana can develop the ability to swim and shrink it's bones., why am I not able to ignore people's annoying tendencies that humans have, like when they sneeze or cough a lot, you know a human function, but for some reason it irritates me. hmmm maybe one day.

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