Monday, December 27, 2010

Night 10

I hate malls but I went out to Metrotown today, on boxing day.
I think it is apparent by now that I hate malls, crowds and everything to do with busy and bustling places. For Christmas we received almost $400 in futureshop gift cards and today they were having their sale on the Xbox 360 and since our other one crapped out, we had to go today.
We're on our way to the mall and usually on Sundays it is very very busy traffic and streets are backed up but today at 11 there was almost no one on the roads so I thought the mall couldn't be that bad. We get to the mall and it is just insane. There is no point in trying to go underground to park, not only will you never find a spot but you will be stuck down there for eternity; once you go underground you never come out. So we drive around the outside parking lots and usually you can find something in the parking lot by save on foods, it's like a 5 min walk to the mall. We see a spot and this Asian is about to pull in, I was like "fuck" that should had been our spot but about two spaces behind him another car was pulling out and I wanted to get into the spot but first I had to wait for this Asian to park. And so it begins. He shoulder checks about 7 times, pulls forward a bit, shoulder checks, rolls down his window, reverses a bit, goes forward to the exact same spot he just reversed out of and this is not a big car, it was like a 97' Volvo and he had only one car to the left of him, he was on a corner spot, and after a few minutes this is how he ended up parking.

I could not believe my eyes. It's like he wasn't even trying to park. After all that time dedicated, this is what he came up with, this? It's like they tied a kittens paws behind its back, blind folded it, gave it drowsy cough medicine and told it to park a car. The guy ended up pulling out of the spot and driving off, my theory is that he was so fucking embarrassed with what he had done that he could not pull out and re park in front of all these people that were watching him.
I finally get into futureshop and I can barely move through the crowd it was so packed. We needed a sound system and a new Xbox. So, we start ringing stuff up and the guy is using all my gift cards, except what happens? Some of the cards aren't working. This is my most horrid nightmare. I always feel weird using gift cards, I feel almost like I'm stealing or that I am super poor and all I have are these gift cards. The cards aren't working and I immediately start getting flushed in the face. Thoughts are going through my head like:

I bet he thinks I stole them and that's why they're not activated.
He probably thinks I already used them and they're empty.
He probably thinks I got them 7 years ago and am still trying to use them.
I bet he thinks I made these on my computer and they're fraudulent

There was this awkward point where the cashier goes, "they don't seem to be working," and I say, "Well I just got them for Christmas...." and no one said anything after that, he just kept flicking the card back and forth. All I could think was, why doesn't this fuck solve the problem so I am not sitting in the gigantic crowd, gaining more and more anxiety by the second? He finally calls the manager and turns out the moron had no idea what he was doing.
I hate gift cards so much. I feel like stores advertise for you to buy them and that they are the perfect gifts but when you go to use them, they seem annoyed. They think that you have no money and you have resorted to using seven $25 futureshop cards that you've collected over the years in order to purchase something. The employees think they are better then the gift card users! I may be paranoid but I bet they feel that way. My heart starts racing as soon as they scan the gift card, as if I have a bunch of fraudulent cards I have created and I am biting my lip to see if they will actually work.
No, I am just someone who asked for gift cards for Christmas because asking for money is tacky; look where it got me.

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