Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Night 11

I was making stew tonight and I filled the pot with water to let it soak and remove any caked on cooked beef. I lost grip of this completely full pot, and dumped about 4 litres of beef water all over my pants. They are completely soaked and I have no change of clothes. I have hung my pants up to dry and in the meantime I have taken two aprons, tied them together and am wearing it as a make shift skirt.

Horrible Childhood Memory:

Back when I was living in Prince Rupert we used to always take the overnight ferry to Queen Charlotte Islands. I love this trip but I don't love this trip when I have strep throat and pink eye. I was so unbelievably sick and begged my parents not to take me but they wouldn't let something like a sick toddler ruin their weekend. So, they packed up all my stuff, which was a backpack of toys, because toys always makes a fever go away and then they put all my clothes I would be wearing for three days on me. I was bundled in so many layers because I kept complaining I was cold, due to the fever and chills of the sickness. I thought they would give me a blanket or put on my jacket but no, if they just put me in all of my clothes, then it would be 1 less bag to carry.
We're getting on the ferry and I am trying my hardest to walk up the stairs but due to the layers I cannot lift my legs very high, I hear one of my parents let out a sigh and I get picked up and carried up the stairs like a sack of rice. It's a good thing there were no kidnappers around because I had no ability to lift my neck and poor eyesight due to the pink eye and anyone could have picked me up.
We get to the cafeteria and I tell my mom that my throat is sore, she gives me a werthers. I start choking. Oh god could this get any worse. I am coughing and choking, and next thing I know, my mom is smoking me on my back with her hand. I finally pop out the werthers and along with it came vomit. I fall to the floor, my hands in the vomit and my throat even more so on fire due to the stomach acid of the throw up. Oh yes and my back was throbbing form the open palm lashings I received. I had no idea you had to hit someone that hard to make them spit up food caught in their throat, but apparently it was absolutely "necessary."
I'm on the floor embarrassed, crying while my hands are still in the vomit and now sweating my ass off from all the fucking layers of clothes. I get picked up and cleaned up. Next thing I know I am propped up in front of the window starring at the ocean while everyone is eating dinner. It was very stormy that evening and watching the waves did not help the sickness. I threw up once again and am then taken to the room for the night. My parents kept saying it was alright but I felt like it was a punishment.
Oh god, she threw up again
You know what take her to the room
Ya serves her right for being sick
I wake up and I am even sicker than before. We arrive on the island and you would think the Doctors would be our first stop? No, no, no, don't be silly, we had to get ice cream for my brothers because of the hard boat ride they had to sit through. Do you know how hard it is to have a sick sister on your weekend getaway. It's the worst. She's all feverish and crying, " My throats on fire, my stomach hurts, I can't see because my eyes are infected," ya it can definitely wear someone down listening to that all night. You know what? I wouldn't had complained so much, if I don't know:
They hadn't taken me on the trip
We saw a doctor BEFORE hand
I wasn't bundled in 90 layers of clothing
My eyes weren't infected
I had never been that sick before in my life that I could remember, I literally thought I was dying. We get to the Dr. and I get Penicillin and eye drops for my now nearly swollen shut eyes. I looked as if someone had done some sort of drug testing on me and I had a horrible reaction. My eyes were puffed over, my cheeks were red, my throat was swollen, my voice was hoarse, my entire body was pale, and I had a horrible rash from the fever, what I freak show.
Now I had to go and ruin the trip even more. My eyes hurt so bad when I tried to open them in the daylight that I could not even use them at all. I told my parents I thought I was going blind and I did this for about half the day until finally my dad pulled over and exited the car without a word.
He arrived 10 minutes later and put some sort of sunglasses on my face. At first I thought my dad had won an auction of John Lennon's things because the glasses looked like he had taken them right off of his face. I am 5 and hear sit on my face, lavender colored, slim frame lesbian activist gold toned sun glasses.
This is what I hear:
"Those were $20, so you better wear them all the time."
It didn't matter that they were made for teenagers and I was only 5. And it didn't matter that they kept slipping off of my face and exposing my eyes to the rays, therefore rendering them useless and when my dad would yell to one of my brothers to fix the glasses for me, they would put them on crooked, making me look even somehow stupider then I already did.
And I did wear those glasses, those were my primary shades for the early stages of my life.

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