Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Night 12

I have this idea for a restaurant, it's called Burnt.

I have always like my food well down or even slightly burnt. I found the burning to add texture, flavor and crunchiness. I never thought there was anything wrong with it until I read that burnt food had a lot of carcinogens in it, which cause cancer, but what doesn't cause cancer these days? So I say let's eat burnt food and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow!
The restaurant would be a place where everything you order is slightly burnt. It wouldn't be charcoal but it would be very toasted and dark in color but not black. It would be like the new thing to do, to eat burnt food. Everything tastes better slightly more toasted:
Wheat thins: Sometimes if I am eating a wheat thin and it is extremely pale I get very sad because there are times when I have a wheat thin and it is browner and I wish that they could all taste this way. I have envisioned putting the wheat thins in the oven to crisp them up but I have never had the will nor the energy to do so, so I just stopped eating wheat thins all together.
Roasted Vegetables: They don't call it roasted for the vegetables to come out limp. I want them to be darkened with crisp edges. You know what's very lame? Soggy, flimsy red onion. I made roasted vegetables the other day, with squash, sweet potato, parsnips, beets and red onions. I let them roast for about an hour and ten minutes and everyone loved them. No one said they were to toasty and no one had limp dinks for veggies on their plate; everyone wins.
Nuts: Nuts are so much better when they have been toasted up. Have you ever had the plain un-blanched almonds before? It is just so pathetic looking. The almond looks anemic and it has such a strange smooth surface, almost as if I were to run water over the almond, I think thew water would slide off, it has a water proof surface. Everyone loves toasted nuts and the ones who say they don't eat toasted nuts only say it so that they can say it. As if they are better than the toasty eaters because they eat their nuts Au naturale. Well sometimes Au naturale tastes like shit and you need some roasted toasted flavor to liven it up.
I was into Cheerios for a while and I had this idea of a restaurant that served only cheerios and it would be called "O". Not just cheerios in a bowl but they would be different shapes and there would be spices, like cinnamon or honey added to them. Looking back now, that idea was stupid and would only work out in my mind or if I became a psychopath, opened this restaurant, kidnapped people and never let them leave it, then that is the only way. All though if I kidnapped people then how would they work to make money to spend in my restaurant? I could let them go and kidnap others I suppose.
Anyways I really think Burnt could work.

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