Friday, December 10, 2010

Sexy Face

I have this tendency to try and do a sexy face every time a photo is taken of me. I don't do this face because I am actually trying to be sexy, I just don't know how else to pose for a photo; It's like the camera comes out and I whip out sexy face.
I tried smiling, as to what I though was a small smile but it turns out it didn't look like I was smiling at all, my mouth appeared to be an actual straight line and because I can't show emotion with just my eyes, the photo comes off as very strange and focused looking, even if I am indeed having a good time.  So I tried to smile bigger but that didn't work, you wanna know why? Because my face is about the size of the side of a bus and when I smile big, teeth showing or not, my face looks so round, that is becomes an actual circle. So, the point of the sexy face, I think, is to some how give structure to an otherwise very round face. I don't like the sexy face but as it stand, it is the only face that looks somewhat decent in a photo. It is ridiculous to look at and the amount of times I have pulled that baby out for a photo; it's astronomical really. Yes, I do the sexy face, not because I like but because It's better then circle head.

In my mind I was smiling big, but this is what came out, therefor operation sexy face commence.

Sexy face throughout the years:

This is some of the earliest documentation of sexy face. I was testing the waters and was not quite sure what sexy face even was at the time.

Here, I have realized the potential of sexy face, too bad I have not learnt how to master it, unfortunately I look somewhat mental and my face is all over the place, but there is sexy somewhere in there.

Alright, now we have something. I feel the sexy, too bad the face is not there yet. Eyes are not squinted enough, to give off that "bedroom" eye look and the mouth is way to hard looking, it's not nearly soft and sensual enough; the trick is to look like you have been punched, or are about to fall asleep (sexily).

Yes, I can see the sexy unfold but eyes are not sleepy enough, and mouth is a bit too pouty, AGAIN!


Now you see what I have done, the eyes are focused but not looking directly at the camera but mouth is still kind of duck lipped, not sexy enough, but getting there.

Eyes good could be better, mouth sexy not strained. We're getting close.


And there we have it, ultimate sexy face. The Eyes are sleepy the mouth is relaxed and I look calm. Sexy face obtained.

Now I am not proud of this, but it has gotten to the point where every sexy face looks like that. I have mastered the art, it was not easy, many bad photos came of this obsession with sexy face but in the end we all win; except round face:


damn you round face.

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