Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today is my first out of three days off of night shift. My friend posted a picture of Venus and one of its moon that she saw the other night and this got me thinking about how much I love space; I fucking love space.
Space is the most intriguing thing to learn and think about. It is endless, where does it end? Does it go on forever, some say yes, some say no but if there is an end than that is fucking weird. So you reach the end of the universe and there is a black wall with nothing on the other end? Is it hard or soft? Or does the universe just continue into itself and once you reach the end you are actually back at the beginning. And where is the beginning, I mean how do you know where the universe even starts, earth clearly isn't the starting point, it can't be.
Black holes. What is scarier than a black hole, a region where light cannot escape. How does light not escape, I don't get it. Not even light, what kind of force is this? This has to be some kind of supernatural Zeus shit there. The point of no return is so scary but it is also very sweet because it's referred as "event horizon". Where do you go once you enter the black hole.
What if you enter a different period in time, maybe a black hole is a time machine or maybe it transports us to another galaxy like star wars, oh god what if it took us to Kashyyk where all the Wookies are or what if we got transported to a Galaxy where space is water. All planets are submerged in water and the colonies all live under bubbles and have amphibious lungs.
Different Plants. Are there life on these planets? There has to be something. They are so unbelievably far away fro us where we can't really even imagine what is on them. Sure we have idea of there composition and layers but there has to be other stuff that can only be discovered if you were to go to those planets. Or how about the crazy red eye on Jupiter that has been a non stop storm for millions of years. It would suck to live on Jupiter and always have this massive storm, I'm upset just at the fact that it rains so much in Vancouver.
Stars are unbelievable that they will inevitably explode or implode. This means the sun will one day be gone and we will all be fucked, that is if we don't kill ourselves before that happens. It makes me wonder why we recycle and don't pollute. I understand that we want a sustainable planet but why put off what is bound to happen, maybe we should just enjoy ourselves while we can before we rape the earth of its resources and the good things we have in life, like driving or air conditioning are no longer enjoyable.
How about comets? Haley's comet circles the universe ever so many years like clock work. Imagine the shit this comet has seen and why does it keep going. What force is making it travel this long in the exact same pattern. I bet the comet is a surveillance device sent through space in a way to monitor different planets, like earth. It is the ultimate form of big brother. Some other planet out there has so much technology and intelligence that they are the single most powerful force in the universe and they have all the other planets under their watch to make sure that they don't get to powerful and once planets start getting more power and more advanced technology they enlist natural disasters to take place, sure science explains why natural disasters take place but I bet it's really something they least expect like alien surveillance and they have allowed us to rationalize why these things happen that way their cover isn't blown.
I have this project where I write out and draw pictures of how I would colonize the universe.
Earth: Peasants lived here
Mars: Resource Manufacturing
Mercury: Mineral Research
Venus: Middle class live here
Saturn: High class live here
Jupiter: Commercial buildings and technology manufacturing
Uranus: Animal Breeding
Neptune: Prime ministers/Presidents/World leaders and the Calvary live here
Pluto: Unstable where alien life forms inhibit

The Universe is ruled by the seven war leaders that live on Neptune. This is a war driven universe and every move is made in the interest of individual planets but they are forced to work together because of the different advantages the planets have. There are secret alliances but I will talk about those some other time. Pluto is not in the War Pact and they are constantly trying to infiltrate the space marauders that guard the universe but they always fall short but soon they will rise above and beyond by reaching through the multiple black holes they have found by savaging the galaxies and enlist the help from other alien planets.
Earth is now post apocalyptic. It is inhibited solely by peasants and lower class people. The planet is filled with anarchy and thievery. There are different regions of Earth that are ruled by different gangs and drug trade rules this planet. All drugs are manufactured, traded and produced on Earth. These drugs are administered to the other planets but they originate on Earth due to the lack of government and laws.
Mars is a metal and steel manufacturing planet. All machinery and pieces for buildings/bridges are made on this planet. Raw materials are forged, created and manufactured for the purpose of the war pact.
Neptune is where the leaders live but also where the armies are trained and the cavalry are kept.

Jupiter is kind of like a giant Tokyo. All commercial buildings and real estate is here. From Sony to Ikea, all commercial buying buildings are here. This is also a planet where underground nuclear testing takes place. Due to the low population of the planet, multiple testing grounds have been built under the surface to test weapons and biological measures.
Venus is where your average families live. This is the hub of suburbia and the major buyer of narcotics.
Saturn is where the rich and famous live; All though  75% of the planet is made for retirement. Saturn is where everyone wants to live and once you have made a certain amount of money you are transferred to the planet. That is the rule of thumb between Earth, Venus and Saturn.The only way to relocate to different planets is to make more money or contribute more time in the army. An army sergeant may not be rich but he will live on Saturn due to the amount of time he has dedicated to the service.
Uranus is the only planet where animals live. There is no such thing as household pets or wild life. All animals are contained to one planet and this is where interbreeding and forced adaptation take place. Uranus is also the planet where animals are trained and genetically modified so that they may be part of the army and contribute to the protection of the universe.
There is little known about Pluto, except for the fact that they always have the goal to break the war pact and control the universe that they live in. Pluto is very far away from the other planets and therefore not considered much of a threat, also in part due to the size of Pluto but little does the galaxy know what Pluto has in store for them.
I plan to get the galaxy tattooed on my back one day so that I can always be in space.

I really love space.

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