Friday, December 10, 2010

Under Death We Rise

Back in Penticton we had this "couple" friends where me and my boyfriend would go over every Friday night, get drunk and play rockband. I was guitar, my boyfriend was bass, the chick was vocals and the dude was drums; all though as the night progressed and everyone got more drunk we all would switch instruments because of course everyone wants to drunk sing. Well when we first started playing this game you need to make a band and a name for that band. So we started drinking and thowing some names around. We wanted some cheesey metal name so I came up with under death we rise. Yes it is cheesy, does not really make any sense but yet was so perfect. We became under death we rise and together we slayed friday nights drinking, playing vids and shooting the breeze. Nights you will never forget. Nights that form friendships. This blog is dedicated to those nights and to those friends.

To good friends everywhere.

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  1. AWWW Lars I just read all your blogs and this one last... I love you. Your Rockband friends have returned! We now live in Vancouver Blog fans, and the team will be together forever... Under Death We Rise!!! :)