Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night 16

Today I went to Electronics Boutique and tried to download a rare Pokemon.
My name is Larissa and I still play Pokemon. According to my boyfriend, EB is having some promotion for the next couple of weeks that if you go into their store and connect to their WiFi you can download a free rare Pokemon. Before we were allowed to go grocery shopping I had to search the apartment for the four Pokemon games we have for DS so that he could get a new Pokemon on each one. It does not matter that he only needs one of them or that he doesn't really play any of the games, we needed to have all four, "just in case." We go into EB and my boyfriend whips out the DS and starts trying to receive his gift. We don't even know if this EB offers the free Pokemon so I ask him to ask the clerk if he knows anything about the rare mysterious downloadable Pokemon, he refuses. I have no will or energy to fight at this point so I sit and read strategy game guides. All of a sudden the clerk comes up and says, "Are you like, trying to download the Pokemon, ya we don't have it here." That was 15 minutes after getting in the store, we wasted fifteen minutes because my boyfriend refused to ask. I suppose I could had asked but wouldn't that seem like I was stepping on his toes or being a power hungry bitch?
Today was customer appreciation day at Safeway where you save 10 % on everything. I saved $116.02. I am not kidding. There are few things that make me happy in life and saving on customer appreciation day is one of them.
I almost feel as if I am tricking the system and somehow I am gauging them for all they got, when in reality the 10% makes the prices about as affordable as they are supposed to be and put Safeway prices, for one day of the month, next to other competitors like save on foods and IGA. I hate Safeway, I do. They are over priced and full of themselves, with the shittiest bulk section known to man. Should I drive the extra 5 minutes to save on foods, the place I love most when it comes to groceries? I should, shouldn't I but I just don't so therefore this masochist way of shopping has become a habit and addiction that calls upon me the first Tuesday of the month.
I watch a lot of Hoarders. I watch hoarders, mostly because it feels better about my life and gives me the encouragement to throw away that 10 yr old ratty sleep gown that I never wear ( I still can't throw it out). Sometimes I actually get nauseous watching this show. It used to be a show about people who had a lot of shit but now it is a show about people who have a lot of shit, literally, their places have sometimes, 3 ft of dried shit on the floors.
This one idiot, who didn't even own the house he and his wife was living in, turned the rooms into bunny pitts. It was horrifying, so many rabbits everywhere, so much shit everywhere and the real kicker is when the landlords saw this catastrophe, they didn't evict them. They say that everyone deserves a second chance, yes I agree but to an extent. If you render a house almost useless because you have let wild huge rabbits run amok and shit everywhere, then you do not get a second chance, that should be very clear and anyone who gives a second chance to someone like that is fucked and deserves the house to fall into itself.
As soon as I watch hoarders I start cleaning and picking out things to give away to good will. I get my box all ready to take to the salvation army but come sunrise I have a change of heart and push the box back into the spare room until the next episode of hoarders comes on.
I have given away a lot of things in my life but I can see how some people have a hard time with it. The trick is to stop buying anything, that way nothing can accumulate. People confuse real emotion with material objects. If there as a fire and you lost all of your stuff, would it change how you feel about the people in your life? No, not unless one of those people started the fire. But why hold onto a stuffed animal that was given to you by your mother when you were 5? Because it's cute? Because you think of her every time you see it? Take a picture of your mom and look at that instead. Things are meant to be used and then passed on, it is the way of life. Why hold onto every single baby toy a child had, is it because you might forget that they were once a baby? or because you can't face the future and moving on. If you have some material item, I think these people see it as a link to the past, some kind of portal and a photo cannot suffice. These people have emotional disabilities coming out of their yings.
But I do still have my pink poodle that was given to me as a kid. I tried to call it all these different names, like Ezmeralda and Princess Tiara but she ended up being called Pinky because I could never remember the ridiculously stupid names I gave her everyday.

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  1. Your father bought Pinky the day you were born.