Monday, January 10, 2011

Night 19

Catan and Crown.

This is what I do with my weekends. I take my boyfriend and we go to our married couples parents house and play board games and drink. This weekend, just as last, we played Catan a game of acquiring resources to build your settlements, like risk but faster paced.
I don't know what it is about board games that makes me want to drink. As soon as a board game is whipped out I instantly get competitive. I look at my opponents and hate them. I always feel like I have to win and as soon as the game isn't going my way I tend to heckle the other players and pout oh yes and drink as well. The more I drink the more obnoxious I get:

Hey, you, why don't you trade me that card you have?
Because I need this card Larissa.
Why? You're never going to win anyways, you're a loser you always will be.
It's just a game Larissa.
Only losers say that.

And this is how I talk to not only my best friends but my boyfriend as well. Well Saturday night I had drank so much I can barely remember the board game let alone deciding to go into the hot tub. I remember going into the hot tub, while wearing a t shirt but decided that wearing the t shirt would only make me colder, removed it and draped it on my body like I was posing for an art class. I then stumbled inside, passed out on the leather couch and got put to bed by my friend.
I woke up with a completely blood shot, teary and burning eye; turns out I had slept with my contacts in and my eye was severely infected. I stumbled downstairs to look for some Advil because my head was pounding from every single noise and glimmer of light but to no avail, I could not find any. I then realized I had a friends baby shower to go to and had to get home and get ready so I woke up my boyfriend and I drove home. I had lost one sock and could barely see do to my closing infected eye.
I got ready and drove to my friends. Where my friend lives was extremely cold and the roads had completely iced over. At a stop sign there was a truck in front of me. I started stopping about 20 feet behind him and the car just kept slipping. There was literally nothing I could do, I kept pounding on the brakes, but nothing. I bumped into him. He got out of the car he says, " I'm fine, it was all your fault anyways," and then left. His truck was about 25 years old and completely banged up. I didn't even hit his bumper, his truck was so high up. Instead, I dented a part pf my hood because my car slipped under his. Not only was his car not damaged at all but I now have a dent in my hood that accompanies the many other damages my poor car has incurred.
This is where my paranoia comes in. What if he secretly wrote down my license plate and plans to sue me without my knowledge. He had no damage from out little collision but he had other damage and I had other damage on my car so he could say that I had caused some other damaged and seeing as both cars are damaged who wouldn't believe him? But I could just deny I was there right or threaten to get a lawyer, but then why else would he have my license plate? Would he be so crazy to write down a random license plate and accuse that car of causing damage to his, could someone really be that insane? And then I think, well what if he had died on the way home I wouldn't have to worry about any of this because his secret would go to the grave, but that is a horrible thought and I shouldn't think that way but I always plan for the best escape plan and if he were to go down there would be no loose ends, is that not correct?. But what are the odds that this is actually happening? Does he even remember me? Had he told anyone about our run in? If he had I would have to kill the chain of people that he had told. I wonder if he has given this possible situation as much though as I have or should I just not read so much into it and take it for what it was? Impossible, I must explore every option.
I think I have always read too much into things, even as a kid.
We used to live about 1 minute from my elementary school so instead of packing my lunch my mom would drive over a "hot lunch" to me. That was very nice except it always arrived with about 3 minutes to the bell so I had wasted my whole lunch waiting for my mom, missing out on play time and when she arrived I had to do a quick pick and choose of what exactly I had time to eat and I never had enough time to eat the whole lunch so I had to be choosy. Why couldn't I just order the hot lunch that was provided by the school that every other kid got? It was so special. They would call you on the announcements, you would get your chocolate milk, doughnut and a hot dog or whatever the lunch was that day. No, I had a 30 second grilled cheese, no choco milk, and a stick of aged cheddar ( not the cheese string kind ).
Anyways, there was this pair of shoes I really wanted, they were Pocahontas runners from Zeller's. They had colors I had never seen before and the pictures on the shoes were swirlies, which made me think of the wind, which made me think I could run fast and one day my mom said that I could have them and she would bring them to school at lunch time in the up coming days. For a few weeks, every day at lunch I would run to the car hoping to see the runners but time after time I left with a ham sandwich, stick of cheese and no runners. I dreamed about these runners and hoped one day if I just didn't think about them, then my mom would show up with them. Well after an eternity of waiting they were in my possession, I was so happy, so ecstatic. I wore them everywhere. I would sit in my room, put on my Pocahontas soundtrack, lace up my kicks and place them on the wall so that I could model them while signing along to my favorite soundtrack. Those were the best two weeks of my life and then we went to the swimming pool and they were stolen out of my cubby.

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