Friday, January 14, 2011

Night 22

It's a nice night to be a hooker.

That was all I could think as I drove to work tonight. There are these two corners I have to drive by every night to work and there are always these two to three hookers patrolling the block. You should see the kind of weather I have seen them stand out there in. There was this one night where it must had been minus ten and raining/snowing and god bless their hearts, there they were working the stroll.
Tonight, there was no wind, no rain, and it was a fairly nice temperature, not summer or anything but a huge difference to what it has been lately and guess what? No hookers. You think that they would flock outside when it is nice out and run those streets so hard for all they're worth but alas the corners were hooker less. Maybe they get more clients when it's crappy out? Maybe men/women are more depressed or lonely when it is shitty so that's when they go on the hunt for a trick and that is why the hoes are out there in the rain and wind. All I know is that if I was a hooker I would be out there only on the nice days. It would already suck enough being a hooker but why stand in the rain as well?
Really tho, how bad would it be to be a hooker, not an escort but a hooker. You stand on a fucking corner and wait for whatever disgusting thing approaches you and then you have sex with them? You would have to be either so desperate for money or too lazy to get a real job to become a hooker.
Do you think they worry about venereal diseases or the chances of getting murdered? I would be terrified. I would cry the whole time do to the unpleasantness of the whole thing. Could you actually get used to this way of life? I suppose one can become used to anything but it seems impossible to become accustomed to lying on your back for a living or doing it in the back of and '87 Oldsmobile all the time. And that's if your lucky. Imagine the freaky things these women/men do. Stuff you couldn't even imagine. Talk about not caring about life anymore but who am I to say that it is an unpleasant experience. I know personally I would feel like I could die at any moment and not care but maybe these people actually like doing it?
And on the other hand, the people that go to hookers. Where is your head at to do something like that? Back in the old days it was normal to see such things, they had no fear of disease because they were so naive but how can you turn your head and expect not to catch the clap if you sleep with a hooker. It always blows my mind when a high class man sleeps with a hooker. Why? If you're attractive and rich, just go to a bar and pick up a chick. Granted there is not much of a difference, except you save money and chances are the chicks are better looking. I would think that you would have to be so hopeless, so lonely and so in need of human contact that you would pay a hooker to touch you, that is the bottom right there, paying for intimacy Paying for intimacy, something that everyone has a right to for free but there are those who cannot find it, that is very very sad and that is also why spinsters have a lot of cats because they rather spend their money on cats then hookers because it's not as acceptable for a 60 yr old woman to get get a hooker, probably because we are not expected to due to the decreased level of testosterone we have less of an animal instinct than men.
This one hooker on the corner has the worst attire. At first I didn't even think she was a hooker because she was so different looking; I thought she was just waiting for the bus all the time. It was killing me so badly to know. I thought about asking her how much for missionary to see what she'd say but I could never find the courage and luckily I didn't have to. One night I saw some car pull over, an actual exchange of money take place and she got in. Case closed, she's a hooker. And she also worked that corner with a woman who was clearly a hooker so the exchange of money and the friend association gave her away.
She is about 250 lbs with a short brown shaggy mullet. She wears a purple belly top and sketchers ( I guess for the good traction ). She carries a blue tote bag ( which I assume has her freak toys and personal necessitates for the job) and she walks up and down this one block of about 50 feet.
If one didn't know better they would think it was some woman waiting for the bus but after watching the creature in it's natural habitat for months, it is clear that big mama was bringing in the bucks with her hj's.

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