Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Night 24

Who actually wants Adidas?
When I was in grade four all I wanted was an Adidas track suit. I don't know why, but that was my perfect outfit. I used to dream about having one and that as soon as I got one my life would be perfect, I would be the most popular person, boys would notice me and everything would just be better.
I begged my parents for the track suit but they always said no it was too expensive. So, being the next best thing I got a track suit from Zellers.
This track suit was clearly not Adidas, the first give away, the two stripes down the side instead of three and the "s" on it standing for the Starter brand. I got the suit, put it on and I loved it, it wasn't Adidas but I loved it.
I wore that suit everyday, literally everyday. I would wear my suit with a different T-Shirt underneath. I lived in that fucking suit. I have never seen a better use of $30 ever. I would run around in it, and go out with it on. I was the suit and the suit was me. I thought that this suit made me look really hot and sexy but how could I ever have thought that? It always looked like I was about to run a marathon, It was baggy and it made me look like a boy but in my eyes I was a man eater.
At first I tried to pass it off as Adidas:

That suit isn't Adidas.
Yes it is.
But it only has 2 stripes?
Ya, Adidas is changing their image.
Why would they change it from 3 stripes to 2, it doesn't make any sense?
I think it's to save money.

What kind of audacity did I have to try and pull this manoeuvre and how dumb did I think my friends were. Why the fuck would Adidas change their very popular image in the first place and second why would they change it by just removing a stripe, it didn't make any sense but I though if I said it with enough confidence that my friends would just believe it.
You know when you have a brand new thing and the first week or so you take really good care of it and then you accidentally drop it or you scratch it a bit and then you slowly become less and less careful, well this wasn't like that at all.
I would treat my suit like it was Jesus's robe and then one day I fell off of the swing rope and scratched the knee.
I couldn't believe I could be so careless, I was devastated. What had I done? And then the suit that I had loved so and cherished now became a source of disgust and resentment for me. I hated it because it was no longer perfect, I didn't even want to look at it. I only wanted to wear the suit if it was flawless and that had been ruined. You cold barley notice the scuff but I knew it was there and it haunted me every single time I adorned myself with the suit.
I tried, I really did. For a few weeks I wore the wrecked suit but day by day I hated it more and I felt like I was being constantly punished. I now felt embarrassed by the suit and that I was mockery. It's like when Sampson go this hair cut, he lost all his power, well my perfect suit gave me confidence and gusto and once it had been damaged I lost all of that power I once had.
My suit was my weak spot and all my world fell apart once my suit had been deformed.
I have never loved an article of clothing the same since then and I definitely haven't loved a suit since then. I haven't even had another suit since that one, it was the one and only. I have never bought a suit nor will I ever, because they could never live up to my first and they would only set me up for disappointment in the long run.

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