Thursday, January 20, 2011

Night 25

Childhood memory.

When I was little the most important job in the household was putting the movie into the VHS player. This was such a high honor and me and my brothers always fought for it. Ee thought we were so cool and impressed our parents so much but really they mind tricked us into thinking that way so that they never had to put it in.
We had rented Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and I put it in.
One problem, I put it in backwards. Oh god my heart started racing as I tried to pull it back out with my little fingers but I had used to much force to put it in to begin with and it was stuck in there.
I started sweating, I didn't know what to do. I had ruined movie night and this task would never be mine again; I could never want this again.
The risk was to high, I should had known something like this could happen. So, when I couldn't remove the VHS, I just sat on the couch and waited for everyone to come in from the kitchen. I sat there and pretended that nothing had happened. My parents and brothers came in and sat down ready for the movie. My parents asked me if I had put the movie in and I said no, they looked a little annoyed that I had just been sitting there but my dad got up to put it in. He opened the case and it wasn't in there. He asked me if I knew where it was and I'm like, "I think it got put in." After minutes of my parents trying to push play and turning the VCR on and off, they opened the lid to reveal that it had been put in backwards.
I stared at the ground hoping they would blame one of my brothers. How could the blame me I was so innocent looking? But alas, my nervous ticks gave me aways. I got into so much trouble for ruining family night, they kept asking me how I could put it in backwards and I had no answers I just started crying. I was then sent to my room.
I went to my room and vowed to never come out, to never eat again and to sleep my life away. Five minutes later I realized that I had the Nintendo in my room and started playing it. I also had this book called, "The Lemmings," and I read it over and over again. It was a horrible book and I don't know why I even had it, let alone read it so much.
For a while I wasn't the same. My parents kept trying to get me back in the game and put videos in the player but I kept reliving that night in my head and couldn't bring myself to do it again. I kept envisioning backwards videos and when I would hold up a VHS all I could do was constantly question the way to put it in.
I would never be fully confident with this task again.

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