Monday, January 24, 2011

Night 27

Another late night at Denny's.

I had a lot of weird strange nights at Denny's but this takes the cake. This one night we were incredibly packed and this huge group of 17 guys came in. They wanted food so bad so they decided to wait the half an hour to sit down. They ended up getting dispersed throughout my section. Oh god they were so drunk and loud but at least they were funny.
This one guy took a liking to me. He kept asking me my name, I kept denying him, just to see how long it would take him to figure out that I was wearing a name tag. He was so drunk oh Jesus. He started professing his love for me and grabbing at me to stroke my hair. By the way, while this was going on. I had this group of three guys sitting in my section who were also trying to ask me out but they were very different than these guys. They were way more quiet, not drunk, very indie musician looking and polite. This other guy was sloppy drunk and slurring most everything he said.
Anyways, while professing his love to me he some how thought it would be okay to stand up on the table and start singing, "Larissa, you've lost that loving feeling." Why did he have to know the whole song? and why did he have to stick my name into it, everywhere he could? He started dancing around me, getting on one knee, grabbing my hand and kissing it. Everyone in the restaurant started clapping and singing along. I could not had turned any redder. I was so embarrassed, I didn't even know what to do. At the end of the song he took off his ring and gave it to me as a sign of his eternal love I tried giving it back and told him when he wakes up in the morning he is going to wonder where his ring went. He refused to take it.
After he and his friends had eaten I thought he would just leave but he didn't. he stayed behind to wait for me to get off shift. he wanted to watch the sunset on the beach together. This was around 1 a.m. and I wasn't off until 7 and he waited the whole night let me tell you.
How the other table of the three guys also was waiting for me. And they kept asking me if I wanted them to kick out that guy and I shouldn't have to put up with that and one of them said that he would,"kick down every fence in Penticton in my name." That was sweet I think.
They both waited and when I got of I slipped out the back and went home. ha ha.
The drunks were always a pleasure to serve and this one goofy idiot was staying in town for the week from Vancouver. He would always get breakfast when he came in and therefore deemed me the breakfast goddess. He would follow me around as I worked and helped me. He would clear tables and offer to get people refills. It was so strange. Everywhere I went. When I would go to the pantry in the back and when I would seat people. HE would go to the doors and say, "Welcome to Denny's home of the breakfast goddess." He would follow behind me and if people were rude to me he would try to kick them out. One night I pawned him off on my male manager. And wouldn't you know it, he followed him around to. Except he would follow him to the kitchen and try to help there as well. This guy was so ridiculous. I am not sure what happened to him but after that week I never saw him.
There are many more of these stories to come. I am not trying to portray myself as some beautiful desirable woman that men just couldn't resist. I am just saying that when it is midnight, you're the best looking waitress at Denny's Penticton location (not saying a lot) and you bring a drunk man/woman bacon, they will love you, guaranteed.

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