Thursday, January 27, 2011

Night 30

Bitches and Ho's (hoe's?)

I am no prude by any standard and am quite loose with my mouth but since when did it become a term of endearment to call the ones we love bitch, ho, slut, hooker, fag? I dunno, I don't really like being called a bitch all that much or a ho for that matter.
And is it ho or hoe? I'm not sure which one is grammatically correct. I tried to jump on the wagon and send a wall post to my friend on facebook that said, " Whad up ho?" But I couldn't decided on how ho was supposed to be spelled so I went to and googled the question how is ho spelt. I figured if I had to put that much effort into being "cool" I was clearly being a poser, trying to hard and was forcing that which was never going to happen or sound natural.
It feels so harsh to call my friend a slut. I remember the first time my friend called me a bitch/slut:

Hey bitch what's going on?
Uhhh, nothing, you mad?
No, why?
You just called me a bitch.
You slut! Come on all of us are going out!
I'm confused.
Quit being a hooker and come party.
I'm busy.
You're such a fag.

And then she hung up on me. I just stared at the phone wondering what had happened. I remember for a brief period in grade 6, I would call my friends a bitch or whatever but after a few months I thought that had stopped and the fad had gone away. And now, 4 years later out of no where, we had started doing it again. Well I just couldn't get on board. It sounded so weird to speak to my friends that way, to speak to anyone that way. I think the strangest one to be called is whore. A whore. I don't think people calling their friends a whore really understand the context. You're my friend and I think you are an empty, soul less, disease ridden, lonely, damned, lost, disgusting, dirty, vile, street walker, and that is why I call you a whore. Even slut or ho is better than whore. But, being called a whore is fairly demeaning.
I like to call my friends:

Dinkus Khan
Dink for brains
Dink slap
Dink suck
Poo head

Really just versions of the word dink or poo in it. I also like to come up with really stupid cutesy names like:

Angel Bear
Sweetie Angel
Lollipop McWorthington.
Baby Angel
Kitten Angel
Cutie McMuffington

Sayings with the word angel mixed with some other cute thing. Very lame but it makes me laugh to see how dumb I can make it.

I think that society has become so desensitized that things that are clearly offensive hold no ground anymore. You could never talk to a boss that way or a work associate, even your family. If someone ever talked to their family that way I would think that they had no rules growing up as a child and that their parent was a friend and not a parent.
I don't even think people who personify that name should be called it. You don't go to a party and call an airplane pilot, pilot, nor would you go to an HIV positive person and call him HIV. So even if you are a bitch or hooker, you probably wouldn't want to be called that. So, then why use those words at all to show affection.
I think it has to do with the vapidness and the emptiness in our lives that is ever growing with each generation. They are finding salvation in boozing, partying, drugs and cursing. Not that people haven't always done that but there was more to it when I was growing up. I could have drinks with someone, even a stranger and have a somewhat meaningful or insightful conversation and yes all those elements were involved and it united us and allowed us to converse freely, openly and share our thoughts but this generation uses these devices as a crutch and the main focus of a gathering, where the point is to get fucked up and the only conversations going on are, " I'm so fucked up, lmao," over and over again. I'm not looking to have a shot with John Milton but for gods sakes offer some kind of substance to a conversation besides stating the obvious fucked upness of your current situation.
Which also makes me think, have you even been in a fight with someone and instead of that person addressing the issue at hand or the actual reasons why they are upset they just start calling you names:

I can't believe you told my boyfriend I cheated on him.
But he's my best friend.
You're such a fucking whore, you bitch.
Can we discuss the issue at hand and not my promiscuity, even tho I have been in a committed relationship for 2 years.
Whatever, slut. Remember when you slept with that guy three years ago, tramp?
Yes, I do. That was three years ago, and why are you bringing this up now when that is not the issue at hand not unless that is the real underlying issue you have or you're just trying to embarrass me.

One of the things I hate most is when someone brings up shit from the past and throw it in your face. I know this girl and whenever we fight, she will bring up the most unrelated shit and throw it in the conversation. If I told her I had a few drinks on the weekend, I know she will log that little bit of information away and next time we get into a fight she will say something like, " Why don't you go have another drink?" As if that has any bearing on the conversation or fits at all. People who do that, use your trust and throw it into an argument to try and throw you off and take the focus off of them so instead of discussing the problem you are now defending yourself against the accusation that you are an alcoholic.

Anyways, less talk more rock.

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  1. i agree with the whole name calling bit, its weird. lol dink slap and cuttie mcmuffington, lol i call this kid at work mitchell mcdoucheington, hes the farthest thing from a douche bag, really tho, yet i choose to call him a douchebag when they're clearly people around that are way bigger douchebags.

    but like u said its hard to jump on the wagon, maybe slut and whore sound funny to them so they use it in a context that is jokingly, i myself dont find those words funny unless u say it with a funny face then maybe it can be funny so u shouldnt use it on the phone, because u would have to see ones face....

    one could say fagot with a funny loud quick tone and pretend to look like a hick then proceed to make a funny face perhaps with the tuonge pushed out the side of their mouth with one eye pinched shut....
    fagot is quite the controversial word as is whore in my eyes and cunt, usually the really sexually degenerative words are the ones that still have ability to shock, we already lost the shock value of fuck, lets not loose it wit the others please people..