Friday, January 21, 2011

Nigth 26

I used to work Late Night at Denny's.

Working late night at Denny's in Penticton was always a freak show and winter and summer had their different freaks to offer.
The summer was crazy at night. All the drunks from the bars would stumble over to Denny's and order the sampler or a plate of bacon. This one guy that came in every night with his friends always asked me out and I always said no. He wasn't ugly ugly but he just wasn't my type and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't form any attraction to him. The worst was that my co worker knew him and she was always telling me how mean I was and how good of a guy he was but why did she want to force me to like him. How would you feel if someone was forced to go out with you. I would feel like shit and felt in the long run I was saving him.
He also tried to play the cocky cool card and told me one time that he called his ex girlfriend a dog in front of his mother. Was that supposed to impress me, that he was mean to women? If he really wanted to win me over he should had told me that he beat kittens.
He was so persistent even after I had shut him down so many times. One night went like this:

Please sit down and have a drink.
I can't, I am working.
Just a cup of tea or coffee.
No I'm working. (at the time I was holding a tray of food.)
Oh come on please, just 5 minutes, just give me 5 minutes.

And out of no where he pulls the chair out for me to sit down. He pulls it out right in my path of walking. I am holding a packed tray and what do you think happens? I trip over it and drop the tray of food everywhere while falling and smoking my head on the pillar. Everyone got up to see if I was okay, I could had fucking killed him.
Days after that he came in and sat at the back table with his head in his hands never looking at me. My co worker kept telling me how sorry he was but I just didn't care anymore I just wanted that idiot to leave me alone. Finally after the summer he never came back.
There was this other guy that came in a few nights and I happened to serve him every time. He was very sweet and after those few times he always requested to sit in my section. There would be times were I would be completely full and he would wait an hour just so that I could serve him and he would stay for most of the night. He was actually very sweet and not bad looking. I'm not sure why I never went out with him.
He would always do the subtle:
so what are you plans this weekend?
got anything to do this weekend?
ahhhh I got nothing going on this weekend.
and I always paid no attention and just kind of laughed. One day the conversation about dogs came up and I mentioned I liked them and then the next night he came in with one.
I was a little surprised because he never mentioned he owned one. Now I was hoping that he had owned the dog prior and that he didn't go out and bought and animal to impress me or steal it. And, another night he brought his mother in and introduced us. It was so weird he acted like I was his girlfriend.
Well I took a week off in the summer and he came in every night and asked where I was and my friend told him I wasn't working and instead of him sitting somewhere else he just left and this continued on for that whole week and that would be the last we would ever see of dog man.
Now I remember why we never went out.

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