Thursday, February 10, 2011

Night 39

There is a difference between being fat and curvy ladies.

I hate how society tries to make us feel bad for hating on fat people. Unless you have a glandular or medical condition, then there is no reason to be fat and if you openly accept the fact that you are fat by your own doing and do not care than why get that offended when people call you fat when you are unwilling to change your health problems? Why do fat people take offense when someone mentions that they are over weight? They act all surprised, call you rude and they say that they are curvy not fat. Why ignore the obvious? If you are spilling out over your jeans, wheeze when you get up from a chair and the blood pressure cuff at Safeway does not fit your arm, then you are fat.
The word curvy has basically lost all meaning because severely overweight people are trying to hide the fact that they are overweight by calling themselves curvy. It's like they feel that they are entitled to calling themselves curvy and how dare we call them fat because their "womanly" figure is how the female body was meant to look. I agree. I think women should be curvier but don't misconstrue it as fat. Trying to play off obesity as something attractive is like a slap in the face. There is nothing sexy about obesity and trying to coin it as curvy is like throwing a transparent blindfold over societies eyes, who in turn accept this new definition of curvy because it's easier than fighting it.
A body is supposed to be a temple and if you are going to clog your arteries, suffocate your lungs and bring on diabetes then you deserve the category of being fat. If you disrespect your body in such a way, where you are intentionally killing off more and more of your lifespan because you love pizza, then why should anyone feel sorry for you? Why do these people expect sympathy. They have brought themselves to where they are by no accident and continue to lead a lifestyle that digs their grave deeper and deeper with every cream puff.
Those that say that they are called names due to their size or they can't find a man/woman that will love them receive zero sympathy form me. Why are they that surprised that no one finds them attractive? How can massive amounts of fat that hide any muscle definition be sexy? They all say "love me for me" but why should anyone love someone who is to lazy to look after themselves. If one cannot look after their own health and lifestyle than how can a potential spouse think that they could look after them. Lack of respect for oneself mirrors a lack of respect for others.

Kim Kardashian is curvy. She has wider hips and a full rack, a huge ass but still is not fat.

This is somewhere between chunky and fat. Her arms have started to create layers like sedimentary rock that has been compressed for millions of years and she is also starting to attract too much fat around her hips. She is not too bad off but left untreated she will continue to put on more weight making her obese.


Kate Winslet is curvy. This is how a woman was meant to look. She looks fantastic and has a perfect hourglass shape with proportionate fat distribution.

 This is chunky. When a stomach looks like a plate of jello and you can poke your finger into your gut more than two inches, you are defiantly chunky.
Do you see how fat, chunky and obese are much different than curvy. Curvy is a lifestyle. You can tell that actual work goes into having an hourglass shape.
Not only is obesity a detriment to our health care systems but it is becoming more and more of an issue with other things as well such as commuting. Commuting is harder because obese people take up, probably three spots on a bus, so now more buses must run, more buses cause more pollution therefore obesity leads to global warming. Yes, I would like to blame global warming on obesity. I always thought that we should just starve these people until they weren't morbidly obese but I guess that would kill them way before they lost a huge amount of fat and I really don't want people die, as heartless as I may seem I still believe in the human race even if they give me little reason to. Apart from commuting obese people take up more space in general and in a world where the birth rate is growing at an exponential rate, we can't really afford to be wasting space on this planet.
So, this whole idea of curvy is beautiful. The Greek goddess and hourglass shape is coming back; women are having hips, breasts and fuller bodies again, which is fine. I think a woman should be soft and have shape unlike a mans body that is hard and angular, the two should be opposites yet compliment another perfectly. I don't advocate being super skinny or having pencil thin thighs, I don't think that's how a woman's body was meant to be. I can understand the reasons behind wanting to be thin. We all want to be skinny because it gives off a sense of femininity and being dainty. Fitting into smaller clothes and the attention around being skinny can sometimes overwhelm someone. All though I love the womanly figure that is slowly, very slowly, becoming popular, I would never want to look that way because I have been made to think that women should be as small as they can. This is a negative issue but it's no surprise as to why a lot of women share the perception that I do. We all think that being skinny will solve all of our problems and I used to think that, I still kind of do but as I get older it becomes less and less important. Now I have much greater things to worry about instead of how I'm going to get through three days with only eating two carrots. I now have bills, my career and other things in my life that have become higher on the pedestal than a tiny waistline.
As you get older, you realize that time moves faster than you think and that any day it could be taken away from you or someone you love could be taken form you so you don't want to waste those extra hours sleeping because you have no energy or being a cranky bitch because you haven't eaten all day. Being healthy is important and weight to any extreme is unhealthy.
If someone is overweight and is doing something about it like trying to eat better and exercising, than I have absolutely no issue. I love when I see fat people walking or eating a salad, it makes me think that they have finally seen the error in their lifestyles and are actively working on making it better. I have strong issues against over weight people who I see going to McDonald's and not spending a minute outside or in a gym. I feel like they don't care what they have been given and in no way feel bad about the damage they are doing to themselves and others. I have the same feelings towards super thin women as well. Along with being frail comes poor circulation, heart murmurs, mood swings and muscle deterioration. Frailty is also a huge burden on our society mentally, physically, emotionally and monetarily. I don't hate obese people or malnutritioned by any means, eating is like an addiction, just like crack and most addictions aren't healthy or especially when it shaves years off of your life.
Like a fat kid loves chocolate cake, I love healthy people.

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