Friday, February 18, 2011

Night 44

And so the plot thickens.

Well this morning I could not have been happier. I found out who had hit my car and everything was arranged and going very smoothly, that is until later that morning. Let's start from the end and work our way back.
I get a phone call from ICBC at around 11 a.m. thinking we are setting up a time for my car to get fixed, only to hear that the bus company is not taking liability. You should have seen my jaw drop. I was so confused and I start telling the ICBC company that the bus driver had admitted to hitting my car and that the boss had agreed to pay for damages but the company told ICBC that the bus driver never told me he hit my car and that they are not even sure that it was them who damaged my vehicle and that it could had been someone else; you have got to be fucking kidding me.
Let's take a look at all the supportive evidence:

-I walk in on one of the students asking the bus driver why he is parked on the street instead of in the parking lot and he says, " Because I hit a car."
-Every child asked why he is no longer parking in the parking lot and he told each one that he hit a car.
-He apologized to me for hitting my car numerous times.
-He told me the children heard metal crunching and they told him he had hit something but he proceeded to drive off anyway because he is a piece of shit.
-He showed me the damage to the back end of his car.
-He explained how he hit my car and it was because a van was sticking too far out and he could not see my vehicle properly.
-He told me it was his fault and that the company would pay for it.
-He is the only bus that parks in the parking lot seeing as it is dangerous and against standards for all other bus companies I have called
-He admitted his routine has always been to park in the parking lot but the day after he hit my car he parks on the street? Why park on the street all of a sudden if you didn't think you had hit a car.
-My witness told me it was a big yellow bus that had hit my car and seeing as no other buses park in the parking lot and he admitted to bringing his 40 foot bus in the damn parking lot, there seems to be only one conclusion there.
-I then call the boss afterwards and he tells me he talked to his driver and that they will either go through insurance or pay for the damages outright.
-Out of all the cars out there, how would I had known it was a bus if someone hadn't told me? And seeing as I knew it was a bus and he is the only stupid bus in a fucking parking lot is seems clear even to the dumbest of people.

So I call the boss up and ask him why they are not taking liability and he tells me his bus driver told him that he never admitted to hitting my car. I could had fucking lost it right then and there. I start explaining what the bus driver had told me and that he was a liar if he claimed otherwise. The conversation pretty much ended at that point.
This is how the company wants to handle the situation, no fucking problem. We both have an appointment on Monday to get our vehicles looked at to see if the damages correlate but here is my problem, the bus has a big fucking metal bumper and I have a plastic one, mine is smashed in while he has the tiniest three scrapes I have ever seen. Those scrapes look like they could be rubbed off, which I'm sure they will try to do, seeing how dishonest they have already been. Now, what if those assholes try to tamper with the damages, or switch buses, or change license plates? Well, the bus that hit me had 02 on the side of it, 02 bitch!
I was going to be nice and not file a police report but guess what I did today, filed a police report. And if ICBC decides that these miserable fucks do not owe me for damages, I will then take them to small claims court which only costs me $100 and seeing as I work nights, I got all the time during the day to make it to a court appearance baby. Oh, and I already have my article typed out to a local newspaper that is willing to run it regarding the integrity and honesty of school bus drivers these days. It speaks to the fact that if school bus drivers are willing to hit a car, drive off and then deny involvement than what else are they willing to do, what if they hit a kid, would they drive off then too? I'm not sure if parents would want that kind of company and their employees transporting their children any longer.
I'm no Erin Brokovich but I have a lot of time on my hands and I am very vindictive. If they want to be lying cowards with zero integrity, then I will make sure that this process is long, painful and public. What kind of person lies so openly? It is beyond maddening to know that someone is not telling the truth and having no real way of proving it besides the fact that about twenty five eight year olds over heard our conversation and that I had my mom on blue tooth the whole time.
If they don't pay for damages based on the fact that they lied, then they will get what is coming to them. One way or another life will come full circle for their disgusting asses. I am a firm believer in Karma and when you fuck with such a natural process and disturb it, then it will come back to haunt you. It's like final destination; you can cheat death but it will always come back to bite you. Just like karma, you may not pay for it right away but one day you will have a super shitty thing happen to you and you will get this feeling that it is payback and I hope that fucking bus driver remembers how he has conducted himself.
He is a loser piece of shit and to be a middle aged man and not own up to your wrong doings is absolutely pathetic and disgraceful.
I hope that fucker realizes what a waste of space he is. His life probably consists of going to his studio apartment after dropping the kids off, buying a six pack, passing out in his own waste, calling a sex line and looking at the empty photo frames that should be filled with pictures of his family and friends but aren't because he no one wants anything to do with an alcoholic low life.
A war has been waged and school bus will, from this moment on, always be a sworn nemesis of mine.
It will all work out in the end you hunk of shit.


  1. Love the proud of you how you're handling this. If that little sweet Asian lady had given her name, it might have made things easier but I'm confident this will be resolved in your favor!

  2. Man I can't believe they are denying it now!
    I know it will all work out for you, you are excelent at getting things done.. no more barking dog = no more lying bus drivers!

    Love the pic!