Monday, February 21, 2011

Night 45

I have made a vow to enjoy more of Vancouver.

I have decided that there is no point to live in the city if you don't actually enjoy what the city has to offer. I need to start living more within my area but first I have to move. I have experienced little India and I'm not that much of a fan. It's not that I don't like East Indian culture, it's just that there is so much of it where I live that I need more diversity and I personally don't even like Indian food. Besides that fact that It's all East Indian, there is no sense of youthfulness or fun. There are a lot of little fruit markets and family homes surrounding the area. The average age of this area of the city is probably forty five and I don't really like it anymore, so I must do everything in my power to secure a spot more downtown.
The only problem with living downtown is of course the price and the quality of what you get for it. I looked at this place right downtown and it was about $1300 and about 550 square feet. I don't know if you know how big that it but you must utilize every square foot to make it seem like a home and not a closet. The bedroom is big enough for a queen size bed and nothing else, I mean nothing else. There is barely a border left around the bed to walk around. I don't need a loft but I do need a place that doesn't make me feel claustrophobic and the fact that I have my boyfriend with me makes it worse. Imagine living in a space with someone else where there is literally no privacy, ever. As much as I love him, I still need some kind of breathing room. My best bet is to live right outside of downtown, for cheaper, bigger and maybe it will cost me a five to ten minute drive to downtown.
On Friday my boyfriend and I went out to eat at this little place on Commercial called, "Cafe Deux Soleils."  This place is a vegan/vegetarian joint and is one of those fixed up old warehouses where all the paining/furniture is really eclectic. As soon as you walk into the place you see a lot of tight jeans, over sized sweaters and people passing you to go out for smokes, in other words, a place for hipsters; I already liked it. For some reason being around hipsters makes me feel more trendy and relevant even tho I have a bad hip and retire at night on a Saturday at a quarter to ten.
It's not like a regular restaurant, no one greets you or seats you, you just kind of find a spot and sit down. The fun part was trying to find a fucking menu. I'm looking around like bewildered cat for a damn menu and there is none to be found, finally I ask some girl and she gives me hers. You then go up to the front and order. You get your own water, refill your own drinks and the only thing actually brought to you is your food, if you're lucky. I have never seen a restaurant with absolutely no system,.You order your food and the lady asks you where you are sitting and you can tell she is trying to memorize your face and location. Why not have the tables numbered? I don't understand, it would be so simple to develop a number system but no, they love the guessing game. About four dishes came to our table that wasn't ours. I ended up getting my Quinoa bowl that was intended for another table and my boyfriend's burritos came about thirty minutes later after I went up to ask what was going on with the wait. Oh, and the lady that brought me someone else's order was the one that originally took my order so when I asked her what was going on she got all frantic and told me I was brought someone elses order, as if it wasn't her who brought it to me.
My Quinoa bowl was the most horrendous thing in the world. I think I have deiced that I do not like the taste of miso, unless it is miso soup, and the Quinoa bowl was an orange miso sauce. The veggies were okay, except you only got about five of them and the cook dumped so much boiling sauce into my dish that it cooked the Quinoa to mush; it was like eating porridge. Quinoa is kind of like a rice so it has the ability to be over cooked or undercooked and what I had was mushy, no flavored rice pretty much.
I didn't eat almost any of the dish and my boyfriends burritos were so very dry because one again, of the overcooking of the rice.
The only upside to this place was that it was cheap; both our meals were $9 bucks each. They also had live entertainment. They had this one chick, "Laurell." She was good but the problem is that she sounded like all those other hippie girl singers out there already and they all have done it better. Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Feist and Florence and the Machine. After she did two songs this seven foot country singer from Calgary hit the stage and it was a $7 cover to watch him so we booked it out of there. I will probably never eat there again unless forced.
Today is my ICBC appointment to see if justice and honesty prevails. Hopefully this son of a bitch is caught in his lie but as we all know, life isn't fair and I can only hope for the best.

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