Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Night 46

What a day.

I had such a bad day yesterday I'm a bit defeated. To start things off I was dead exhausted because I only had about two hours of sleep the night before and I had a big day ahead of me. I went to ICBC at 11:00 and they tell me that they cannot find my appointment, that's the last thing I wanted to hear. The woman is trying and trying to find it as I'm falling asleep at the counter and then my service representative comes out and tells me she's sorry because she didn't write down my appointment for the secretaries. She told me that because she knew she had an appointment, she didn't think anyone else needed to know. How does that make any sense? Why would you tell no one of appointments you have, what if they had booked someone else in my slot and then you had two people waiting for their appointment or what if they had sent me home because they thought I didn't have an appointment? What an idiot.
As I'm walking to my little room I see that big piece of shit school bus driver on my way there. He doesn't even say a word to me because he knows what a fucking liar he is. So, like I thought they put the damages together and they don't match up. I was told that the school bus that had hit me was much brighter and that the one that was there had no damage. Of course it had no damage, it's like the titanic hitting a tugboat. So fucking stupid. The car gets estimated at $800 but the only good thing about this is that I happen to have a bumper that can be popped back out for about $70. Besides the few scratches, the car should look okay in the end for not spending a lot of money.
The first thing I thougth at ICBC when I saw that school bus, was how shiny it looked, like it had just been freshly scrubbed and waxed, so any amount of scuffs they had would be completely gone because they are absolute pigs and will go to any lengths to not pay for my damages. I just can't get over the fact that the bus driver admitted to me that he had hit my car. I feel like I am in the fucking twilight zone and it's so painful to know that, that man is straight lying. The only thing left is to ponder my next move. I must make these upcoming months very painful for this company. First order of business is to stakeout the Safeway parking lot to see if he hits anymore cars and then report him and if he does park in the Safeway parking lot again, I will call the police and tell on him because it is illegal to park a 40ft bus in a grocery stores parking lot. Yes I will tattle my ass off. I will tattle here and I will tattle there, I will tattle until I am blue in the face. Once I have irritated them enough I will then file my lawsuit; this is not a fast execution, it must be slow and tortuous.
I have become severely disappointed with people today and my spirits are low.
I finish at ICBC and head on over to the appointment I have to view an apartment. Me and my boyfriend get there and the lady just loves us. She talked so much and you know you play along with stupid upbeat answers and try to act as bubbly as possible until the plastered smile on your face starts burning an outline into your cheeks. We fill out an application and she tells us that she would let us know by four p.m.
I get the call telling me that she had picked another couple. She tells me it was such a hard decision, like I care how hard it was for her to decide, I don't care about her and her feelings and that she struggled tooth and nail to pull out an answer, I could give a shit less. I ask her why she didn't pick us and she starts heeing and hawing and finally she comes up with two answers.

1.) We were to young ( like I haven't heard that before ).
2.) We're unstable.

As soon as she said the word unstable there was this huge silence because I had no idea how I gave off the impression of unstable. What was she getting at? Was I emotionally, mentally, financially or physically unstable? As I'm thinking about what a stupid fucking word to use she starts to get all anxious and says I take it back , I take it back it's not what I meant, ya well no takesies backsies bitch and then she tells me that she meant that the other couple had been together longer than us. Then she has the audacity to offer me the other suit we looked at. This suite was on the ground floor instead of the top, it hadn't been renovated like that top and it had beautiful view of a mailbox instead of the harbour. No, I don't want the loser suite.
I'm feeling pretty down because I feel that my age has restricted me from getting a lot of things I have wanted in life so far or maybe people just use my age as an excuse to hide the real reason that they just don't like me, either way I was going down for a nap.
While I was sleeping the woman had called me back saying that the other people had backed out of renting and wanted to offer the suite to us. Oh, look who came crawling back. Now who needs who I ask? Well guess what? Now I don't want your suite. You let me down and I made a list of reasons of why I didn't want the place in order to make myself feel better and now looking back, the place wasn't that great, I just hate not getting what I want so I was upset that I had lost to some other asshole couple. So, I say a fuck you apartment manager and my hunt continues.

This picture has nothing to do with this post but it is cute and has cheered me up some.

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