Friday, February 25, 2011

Night 49

The strange food I have been addicted to.

I have always been a strange picky eater and as I get older it just gets worse. So, here is a list of some of the weirdest combinations of food I have been addicted to:

1.) Licking Chips

I think all girls have been obsessed with their weight at one time or another in their life and so was I. I exercise a lot now, so I don't do as stupid things with food as I once did. I am also a vegan and my vegan-ism is not because I love animals so much, it is more from a health point of view so I found myself craving familiar flavors. I used to love chips and it has been about six years since I have had any and I found myself missing the flavor a lot so what I would do is buy bags of chips and suck the seasoning off. How disgusting is that? After a bag my tongue would be ruined. The taste buds were just friend from all the salt. And talk about a waste of money. I didn't do this all the time but every once in a while I would partake. That's a bit freakish I know but I didn't want to actually eat the chip and I thought if I just tasted the chip that it would satisfy me enough and it kind of did. I advise strongly against this. Not only is this weird but it is also disgusting. One time my boyfriend went into a bag of chips to have one and he pulled put out one I had already sucked on, he was mortified. I haven't done it since.

2.) Peaches and Cream Corn with Seasoning Salt

When I would get off of shift at Denny's I  had a routine where I would go into Save On Foods and buy two cans of peaches and cream corn. I would go home, turn on the T.V., lay in bed and eat the corn right from the cans. I would pour so much seasoning salt on them and eat them layer by layer so that when the salt was gone from layer I would then re salt the freshly uncovered corn. I started getting really sick from all the corn and salt. I was constantly dehydrated but it tasted so good. After that month of doing that, I never really ate corn like that again. It was a brief period and I indulged in such a way that I lost the taste for corn, probably forever.


3.) Muffin Tops

I like to pick at things. I don't really anymore because I just don't have the time to do it. I used to have time to slowly pick and eat things but now I have a bite of food and run out the door. The best thing was going to Tim Horton's in the morning and buying six multi grain raspberry muffins. Again I rarely did this but about once a month I would drive on down to Tim Horton's and buy those stupid muffins. I would then just eat the crust of the top of the muffin. I wouldn't even eat the whole top, just the crust. I would then give the skinned muffin to my boyfriend to consume. I guess that's pretty weird, to just eat the skin of a muffin but that's what I did and it was so good. No regrets.

4.) Trail Mix and Grapes

Everyday after school for a period of time I would buy a bag of trail mix and a bag of grapes. I only ever did this when the grapes and trail mix were on sale. It was kind of like waiting for a solar eclipse; everything had to align both foods had to be on sale at the same time. I would bring home my snacks and eat each thing in the bag one by one. First were the almonds, second were the cashews and I didn't eat the peanuts or chocolate. With each almond or cashew, I would eat a grape and a raisin with it. I liked the idea of eating the before and after of the grape. The grape a fresh new beautiful thing and a raisin a shriveled up old version of a grape. Very tasty. I also used to like filling a glass with ice water and putting green grapes in. I would wait a few minutes and with a fork,  I would eat the grapes one by one from the ice water. Sometimes I would pick the skin off of the grapes and embarrass him in front of the grapes that still had their skin and then I would eat that grape after. Is that normal? No, no it isn't.


5.) Clusters from Vector and Honey Bunches of Oats

I would buy the jumbo boxes of Vector when they were on for $5.99 and the smaller boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats when they were two for $5.00 (because those assholes didn't make jumbo boxes of those) and pick out the clusters from them. The best part of those cereals are clearly the clusters so I always thought, "Why eat the rest of the cereal, when I can just have the best part?" because it's a waste. I would also crush up some of the cereal and eat the crumbs because I like eating crumbs or at least I did like eating crumbs. Now I see that they make just the clusters for Honey Bunches of Oats but I have never bought them, in fear that I would devour the whole box. When I was done with the boxes I would throw them to the side of the bed and one time I went to the side of my bed and there were like fifteen boxes, that's when I knew it was time to cut that freakish part of my life out.


I have done other strange things with food and perhaps I should write more about that in the future but as it stands now I don't really do anything weird with food, I don't have the time. My day consists of getting off shift, going home, having two apple crumble granola bars for 100 calories each and going to bed until about 6:00 p.m.. I then wake up, go for a jog, have salad, two cups off coffee, go to work, have one bowl of dry Rice Krispies and that is about it. I suppose I'm a strange freak but it is what it is.
But clusters from cereal are still so good.

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