Thursday, February 24, 2011

Night 48

Things I have been addicted to.

Throughout my life so far there have been many things that I have been addicted to. Whether it be T.V. shows, video games, actors, singers or food, I have definitely never limited my options to what my addictive personality may cling to. For this installment I shall touch on the video game aspect of things.

1.) Guitar Hero-World Tour

I was first introduced to guitar hero by a friend and had never heard of it previously. At first I hated it because I was unbelievably bad at it and could barely play on easy. Because I couldn't play up to his difficulty of expert he didn't really wanna play with me because I couldn't compete with him and seeing as I had a crush on him and wanted him to spend more time with me I was determined to get good at the game. I played guitar hero for so many hours. That is almost all I would do. I knew I had played too much if my hand would cramp but it started getting to the point where my hand would no longer cramp because my body had adapted to the constant strain within my tendons. It got to the point where I was just playing because I felt like I had to. I bought world tour and as the game progressed I started to beat songs on expert. I don't know if you've ever played guitar hero on expert but it gets intense. I would get upset with myself if I would miss a note or get below 97%; I started to become obsessed. I then ventured online and would battle people. I wore my headset, sat about three inches from the T.V. and smack talked all the ten year old's that I would wipe the floor with and if I would lose I would instantly turn off the game and go to bed because I felt like such a loser. My guitar hero love soon transferred over to rock band and after a year and a half of rock band I started to become tired of it and have not played much since.

2.) Call of Duty-World at War

I had never played many war games prior to this one because I thought they were too hard and didn't really give them the time of day, but then this came along. My friend and I would play this game for hours upon hours online. I wasn't the best but I was decent at times and he just happened to be a god at this. If I would die or lose I would take it very hard as usual and throw the controller stating I didn't want to play anymore that night but then my turn would come around and once again I would pick up the controller and submit myself to the abuse. There was this one life changing game where I played against this person that was a one man army; Allucard was his name. He literally killed everyone, every time. If you turned a corner, there was Allucard. If you were sniped, it was Allucard and if you thought you had the upper hand, ever, Allucard was already two steps ahead. The most amazing thing about this player was that he constantly changed his weapon; he was unbelievable with every single weapon in the game. He killed me in every way possible. He would snipe, bomb, pistol, rifle, bouncing Betty, dogs,  aerial strike and knife me to death. The worst part is that he had this signature move that he would throw a smoke bomb before he would attack. All of a sudden you would be walking and it would get smoky around you, at that instant you knew you were dead. There was no escaping once you saw the smoke. all that was left was to accept your fate and bow down to the greatest Call of Duty player of all time.

3.) Winback

This is the first game that I ever spent a significant amount of time on. I'm not sure where I first found this game or why I started playing it because it was not really my style to play games like this on the N64. I was more into the Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing kind of stuff but there was something about this game that just resonated into every fibre of my being. For those who haven't played this masterpiece, it is like a James Bond game. You're a secret agent and you go around trying to stop a bad guy. It had the hardest, most confusing levels. There were never any clues and you were constantly ambushed. I think I liked the abuse the game offered. Every time I thought I was ahead, I really wasn't. In fact I was even more behind then before. The point at which I knew I had become addicted was when I snuck it to my brothers hockey tournament to play in the hotel room. I brought the N64 and my game with me. When we got to the room they had that little protector on the cable so that you couldn't plug in your system because they wanted you to rent it from them but I broke it off and plugged in my baby. I had about eight hours of time on this game and my little brother saved over it with his five minutes of game play. I was devastated. I laid down on the bed and sobbed, there was no consoling me. All I could feel was hate for him and I repeated over and over, " How could you? How could you?" After a few hours of wallowing I picked back up the controller and started from scratch.

4.) Star Wars: Battlefront 2

This game proves there has to be a god. I never played a more addicting game in my life. Me and my friend, for about a year, played at least four hours of this game every single day. At first I was just the absolute worst. I couldn't killed anything and I was lucky if I killed more people than I died but then something happened and I started to get my grove. There were only a few levels that we would play over and over: Mos Eisley, Hoth, Jabba's Palace, Kashyyk, and the DeathStar. We played these levels over and over. There were so many different classes that you could upgrade in and my goal was to be the top in every single one, and I did, for the most part anyways. There really is nothing cooler than Star Wars. The whole idea of a battle spanning the galaxy with so many different characters is absolutely fascinating. This game was on PS2 and it was slightly predictable, which made strategy different yet the same for specific levels. If you played the game enough you would know where the best spawn points were, were the most guys were at and the possible places the last bad guy would be hiding. This game was so much fun and still is. It is one of the only older games that I still play over the newer games for the X-Box 360.

5.) Zelda-The Wind Waker

I have always been a huge fan of Zelda games since the N64. I never played any of the previous games for game boy but I did play the shit out of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and the Twilight Princess. I remember finishing up Majora's Mask for N64 and absolutely loving it. These are the only games I ever use a strategy guide for and to me it doesn't take away from the game at all. Zelda is a game where certain things must be done in sequence and all tho I have time to dedicate to the game, I don't have that much time. I would print out the game FAQ's online and play through every inch of Hyrule. When I was done the game I was so depressed because my journey with Link had come to an end so I hit the internet to find more Zelda games. I wasn't sure how many Zelda games there were at the time and stumbled across the Wind Waker for Game Cube. This game caught a lot of flack because of how far it strayed from the original Zelda's and the fact that it was an animated young Link that doesn't get older as the game progresses. When I started up the game and saw that it was animated I thougth that it wasn't a real Zelda game and instantly started missing the relatable fantasy that the previous games had given me. I gave it a chance and within an hour or so I was hooked. This game kept getting better and better as it went and the hook of the game, being able to control the wind and currents to transport you, was so cool. This is one of those games where you find yourself saying, " One more hour," or ," I'll just get to this one point and then I'll turn it off," but before you know it, two hours have passed and what was to be one more page of the strategy guide turned into ten or twenty. This game was seriously addicting, even more so than the other Zelda's.  

There are much more games that have stolen many hours from my life but for now those are five of them that instantly come to mind.

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