Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night 62

Ten: Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's goods.

Commands: be content with what we have, respect for the rights of others; rejoice in our neighbor's welfare.

Forbids: desires to take or keep wrongfully, or to damage, what property belongs to another.

To be content is to be static, is to never strive to achieve more but to be happy with what and where you are, that philosophy is more than out dated. It used to be okay to to stay in one place your whole life because the world didn't have nearly as much to offer but how can this be asked of us these days? Life was simpler, therefore desires and wants were simpler as well but as time progresses so does ones desires. Life to me, is never being content and to always want more that way motivation and passion is never lost.
It would be a crime never to strive for a higher position in life. That may not be the outlook for all and many may not share my view but I am least happy when I am content. I know many people that are happy with where they are in life and to each their own but whenever I am around them I always want to ask them why they don't want more.
I, and I think many, want what others have. I look at a girl walking down the street and I automatically think:

I want her shoes
I like her jacket
I wish my hair was that long

It's impossible not to look at others and desire something about them. We always want what we don't have. I may be generalizing but since when has desire been a sin? I must have missed this in bible study. To want what others have is what fuels us to do more with our lives or to become more creative and to hinder that, is what I would think to be the true sin.
I have a problem of resentment. I resent and I am a jealous person. I realize these qualities in myself and I try everyday to work with them and to change. I try to be happy for others good fortune or accomplishments but it's so hard because the question that always comes up is, "Why not me?" I find it hard to be happy for my friends sometimes because I always want to be the best and I focus too much on that. It is supposed to be, "The best that I can be," and not just the best because always wanting to be the best will be a lifelong struggle that you will never overcome. There will always be someone who is better than you and to want the unattainable is to want a life of misery.
It all seems so clear and so easy but to apply the method is harder said then done. Being happy is easier than being jealous, not in my case. It takes way more energy and focus to be happy when I truly do not feel happy for others but I know the destruction jealousy and bitterness can cause and in the end if it takes a little more out of me to find happiness then that is what will have to happen. I know what kind of person I am and I know what kind of person I want to be. I will be happy for others because I want others to be happy for me and how can I expect from others which I am unwilling to give. It's unfair and it's selfish.
I believe in part of this commandment. I believe that we should relish in others accomplishments and show joy when we hear of good fortune and of our friends accomplishments. All though it may be hard at times, I believe it is the right way to lead ones life but I do not agree in being content. I believe that we should not measure ourselves to others and to not base our self value on it solely but I do think that we can use other's as a way to motivate to better our lives. It's like saying having a role model is a sin because you want to be like that person and that can't be true.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Night 61

Nine: Thou shalt not covet they neighbors wife.

Commands: purity in thought and desire.

Forbids: unchaste or impure thoughts, desires of another's wife or husband, and all other unlawful impure thoughts and desires.

I, for one do not think that thought should get you to hell. I always thought that as long as you didn't act on desires then you were good to go but now I can't even think about doing bad things. Well then what is the point of a conscious I ask you. Why even have a moral dilemma if the very thought of having a dilemma is wrong in the first place. This is basically saying that you should always think good things no matter what. How many of us have crushes on actors or singers that are married or in a relationship? Now, that's wrong? Jesus, what are we allowed to do then.
I can't control my mind constantly, sometimes it wonders off into the dark side and I let it play a while so that I can live out a fantasy that is wrong without actually doing the actions. Isn't it best that we only think certain things instead of doing them. Come on God, sometimes you have to choose the lesser evil and I think in this case there is a clear winner. I would much rather have someone think about having sex with my loved one instead of actually trying to do it. If anything, we should be glad that we can have those kinds of thoughts because if we didn't god knows what would happen.
I'm sure there would be a lot more shit going down. A lot more adultery, theft, murder. I know I watch bank heist movies and think, "Well if I robbed a bank and took a million bucks that wouldn't be so bad." I'm not actually going to rob a bank but I guess even thinking about doing so is enough to send me the other way into flames. I would get into a lot of arguments and car accidents if I constantly had to control my mind. Imagine how focused you would be all the time, but not on important stuff. I'm sure the rate of unemployment would sky rocket. Who could focus on accounting or banking if they're telling themselves not to think about banging the receptionist.
If anything, it is by the grace of god that we have the ability to think before we act and freedom of choice is something that god wanted for us. If there was no fantasy or pre-thought than there would be no freedom of choice because the only choice would be the right one. If I was God I would be happy with an impure thought rather than an impure action. I think it shows humanity in control. In a time when control is lacking and all we have is the power to think before we do something, that is something to be proud of. So instead of making this a sin, this should be a bonus point into heaven. For every impure thought you have and don't act on you get a gold star and you are that much closer to the pearly gates, Yes, I think that is much more reasonable.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Night 60

Eight: Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.

Commands: truthfulness in all things, respect for the good name and reputation of other; the observance of secrecy when required. Repentance for sin also requires those who have lied about their neighbor and seriously injured his character must repair the injury done as far as they are able.

Forbids: lying, injury to good name of others, slander, detraction, tale bearing, rash judgment, backbiting, rash judgments, contemptuous speech; and the violation of secrecy.

I feel this is a commandment that can have two sides. I know there are people who say that they have their "personal ethics" and then "business ethics" well I think that there are "personal morals" and "professional morals".
To lie is to be untrue, to hide the truth and to cover up but what if it is necessary to lie? Imagine being at your job and the boss asks you if you have finished the report that he wanted before lunch, you haven't and you know it will take you 10 minutes to do so, not a big deal, do you:

a.) Say no, but it will take 10 minutes and that you forgot.
b.) Say yes, and they will have it by lunch.

Am I wrong to say b? Why cause extra stress and grief for no reason? I think This commandment involves the weighing of pros and cons. Should you lie to your boss, sometimes. If the lie will not effect anyone then what is the big deal? That is how I see it anyways. If we didn't lie, probably none of us would have jobs. So, you don't lie you get written up for not having a report done. Fuck, the truth sometimes causes more hardships then necessary. In that scenario the lie cause no hurt and had no consequences but what if you are a medical professional and you give the wrong medications to a client do you:

a.) Not tell anyone and hope that they are okay.
b.) Follow procedure and notify all those involved and fill out a report.

In this case it would be a no brainer. Someones life is in jeopardy so you tell the truth. You may be fired and/or written up but your job is not more important than a life. Again, pros and cons. To lie, is a gift given by god and it must be used wisely.
And then there are white lies. Hey, how about if your friend asks you if they're fat or if they have bad skin? What do you say now? God, what if a leper asked them if you thought they were ugly, would you say yes? Of course not, you say no you're beautiful, now let me perform a miracle and rid you of this plague so that your even MORE beautiful. It all depends on the gravity and severity of the lie.Lying is part of life and there is no denying that.
Well we are all going to hell because gossip is a sin. We all know that gossip is idle talk and that it is wrong and can get out of hand but sometimes it's just so juicy. There was a time when I would even gossip about my friends because there was something so entertaining about it. I now realize that gossip is pointless and time wasting but there was a time when I couldn't get enough. I could stay on the phone for hours with my friends talking about others and sometimes even making up lies because the worse the gossip the better it was to listen to. Any kind of negative talk about others is gossip and we all do it. I still do it from time to time and it is very alive in our every day living. It happens at work, with friends and with family. Hell, there are so many magazines that are dedicated to gossip. Not only will we all be in hell but we will be sharing the elevator ride down there with US Weekly and In Touch.
Along with gossip comes secrecy. When you gossip it usually means that you are saying something that another wanted to be kept private. No one has any right to share others secrets when they do not wish for them to be shared. Sometimes I think that if you tell someone a secret then you shouldn't care if others know because a true secret should be kept to yourself but then again I know the burning that a secret can cause and telling just once person makes the hurt go away but yet I wouldn't want any others to know so I am somewhat of a hypocrite on this one.
Again, at work you can keep a secret or keep things confidential as long as it doesn't effect that person or others around. If someone tells you that they are going to kill themselves, you tell someone. If someone tells you that they are going to kill others, you tell someone and possibly sleeper hold them. If someone tells you that they like some kinky sex move, keep it to yourself. If someone tells you they have 47 cats, keep it to yourself. Use judgment when it comes to secrecy.
I do believe in righting wrongs. When you have lies about someone or spilled some of their secrets you should fess up and apologize even if it might end a friendship. I believe others have the right to honesty and the truth when it comes to matters of gossip and lies. It is so hard to tell someone that you have wronged them. I still haven't apologized or fessed up to half the shit I have done and I hope one day that my pride will subside and I will be able to apologize to those that I have betrayed but as it stands now I am a coward. I hope that we can all be honest with each other when it comes to the important things but in the end we are all human and being human means imperfection. We would like to be honest but I think god will understand the instances when we can't.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Night 59

Seven: Thous shall not steal.

Commands: respect for the property and rights of others; the paying of just debts; paying just wages to employees; integrity in public officials. Repentance for sins also requires the restoration of ill-gotten goods, or the value of them, as best as we are able, bound to repair the damage we have unjustly caused.

Forbids: theft; damage to the property of others; not paying just debts; not returning found or borrowed articles; giving unjust measure or weight in selling; not paying just wages; bribery; graft; cheating; fraud; accepting stolen property; not giving an honest day's work for wages received; violation of contract.

What if you're stealing to give to the poor? Or what if you're stealing from a rich tyrant who is evil and kills people? I think that if you steal something from a bad person then it's okay because it's like you are punishing them. Yes, I know that one cannot take it into their own hands to punish others but sometimes it's okay and if the opportunity arises than take it. I think stealing something small from a store is okay as well. Listen, the prices are so over marked and so inflated that we are literally getting raped by companies daily and last time I checked rape is a sin. So what if someone takes a pack of gum or eye liner? I say companies deserve what they get and if they want to force people to steal because it is a slap in the face to charge $2.50 for a pack of gum, then so be it.
I feel taken advantage of and that's not okay. Which is worse, stealing or constant abuse by over priced shit. How can people wonder why theft and burglary is up? Because no one can afford anything anymore, so people steal. The world has dug it's own grave and then cries when it gets deeper and deeper. Lay in your bed earth, you made it.
Just debts. Fuck you. Why is that I have to pay to go to school in order to contribute to society? That is completely bogus. You get chastised for what you don't do with your career and you are called lazy if you don't further your education but not everyone has the money to get a fucking degree and without a degree you can't get a well paying job, which you then can't afford to go to school. It's around about fucking way of doing something. Oh, but don't worry, you can take out massive loans and spend the better part of your life paying them off, doesn't that sound great? And here's the best part: The loans that you took out to go to school to get the job you wanted is now no longer possible due to the recession and god knows when it will pick back up, but in the mean time you can start paying those fucking loans back while working 9-5 at McDonald's.Your country doesn't care about your education, it all comes down to money and who they can take it from.
Now, how bad does cheating have to be before you go to hell? When I was 6, I cheated at Monopoly and when I was older I put a sweater over my laser tag armour so that I couldn't be tagged, will I burn forever? I think this commandment needs to be better explained because in my eyes I shouldn't go to hell because I wanted to win a game of laser tag. But maybe cheating is cheating and no matter how you split the hairs you are still sinning. That would suck. If I had lived a completely good life and then I got up to the gates and as I am walking on through to heaven God grabs me by the arm and says, "Ya, 56 years ago you didn't roll a seven in Monopoly, it was actually a 6, you lied and bought boardwalk which won you the game, now go on down to the other side you cheater." I think that would be a little harsh.
I'm not sure how many politicians haven't cheated or stolen in their lives and they run our fucking countries. Everyone is a sinner in that respect. We are a democracy and we support those that are sinners and do wrong constantly so by six degrees of separation are we in turn cheaters and sinners because we go with the  majority in order to blend in and not rock the boat. In the end will we pay greatly for conformity?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Night 58

Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Commands: chastity and modesty in all our looks, words, and actions; avoiding occasions of sin.

Forbids: unchaste freedom with another's wife or husband; pornography, bad movies or books, obscene speech; impure actions alone or with others; masturbation, fornication, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, pedophilia; also all immodesty with ourselves or others in looks, dress, words, or actions.

Well isn't this a controversial commandment. I can't understand why being gay is a sin. Even if the bible thought is was bad why make it into a sin. I can't believe that Elton or Ellen would go to hell because they played on the other team. I don't know what it's like to have attraction to the other sex so I can't speak to it. All I can say is that being gay or lesbian shouldn't sign your eternity away to Satan. People are what they are and they do what they do. It's hard for gays and lesbians so I don't know why they would chose to be a certain way if it mean they would have a life time of abuse so the only option is that they were born with that chemical make up to be gay. Neurons and chemicals mix and mingle in their brain telling them what they like and what they want, so can we damn them for that? No, not at all and I think to make it a sin is absurd.
Adultery is considered a joke now. Many romantic comedies centre around cheating or being cheated on. It is a common practice of many and is thought to be funny or cool. I would hate to be cheated on, I think it would be one of the worst tings to happen to you but it's kind of an accepted behavior these days and not many people look at it as a big deal. I know couples that cheat on each other regularly and they still stay together. I could no imagine looking at the person the same way or feeling the same way knowing that they have touched another being in a sexual way.
I am pretty sure we can all agree that bestiality is a sin. Having sex with an animal is disgusting. I watched this video called, "Mr.Hands," and it's about this guy who takes it up the ass from a horse. He died a few days later and the best thing about this is he had sex with this horse in the United States, in one of the states where bestiality isn't a sin and it was an actual farm for animal sex. For such a god fearing country it's strange that animal sex can still be allowed but god forbid we let the gays marry. Masturbation being a sin is ridiculous. I feel that it is such a common urge and thought, that one would go crazy if they didn't do it every now and then. How many guys do you know that masturbate every day? Imagine if they all went to hell solely on that reason, how ridiculous would that be. Knowing oneself and touching ones own body should hardly be a sin but a testament to truly loving oneself. And here is where sex before marriage comes into play or sex without the thougth of procreation as well. Well every TV show of the 90's are sinners. Casual sex is not allowed and you will burn for it. How could you wait before marriage to have sex? It's not the old days where all you had was farms and expanding your family to help on that farm. We now have so much technology, different careers and much busier lives that don't all involve working the land and herding cattle. How would you know if you connect with someone sexually without trying it out first? If you love someone it should work in bed right? Yes, it should but it doesn't always and if you marry someone before knowing that then you will end up being unhappy and looking for satisfaction in other places other than your spouse or partner.
Yep, pedophilia is wrong. There's not much to it. If I had a child and an adult forced themselves onto my child sexually or raped them, I would fucking kill them, I think anyone would. Those are the lowest of the low. Anyone that could harm a child, especially sexually deserves to rot in hell forever. No one should ever, ever touch a child in a sexual way, especially a parent or relative. You always hear about kids her were touched by their dad or uncle and all I can wonder is how could a blood relative, who is supposed to love and protect you, do one of the worst things imaginable to you? Why didn't god step in and stop that child from getting hurt and scarred for life, I don't know but it's a shame and my heart truly cries for all those kids.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night 57

Five: Thou shall not kill.

Commands: live in peace and union with our neighbor, to respect his rights, to seek his spiritual and bodily welfare, and to take proper care of our own life and health; controlling one's anger.

Forbids: all willful murder, suicide, abortion, euthanasia, artificial contraception, sterilization, cloning, endangering life and limb of self or others, fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, and bad example.

There is more to commandments then meets the eye, there are so many underlying rules it's unbelievable. This commandment is one that is still honored in the form of a law today but is bent to fit into the plans society has and that which benefits the country at hand.
Ya, we all agree one shouldn't go out and kill someone point blank but what about war and capital punishment. Let''s start with capital punishment. Thou shall not kill, well how about if that person deserves it. I am a firm believer in capital punishment and am very much an eye for an eye kind of person. It may be wrong morally and ethically but so be it. If a man killed my family. I would want him dead, no ifs ands or buts and if the government didn't do so and released him back into this world I would kill him. I would try my best not to get caught but if I did and I went to jail for it, then that is fine because I feel there would be no higher justification. The only downside to capital punishment is that innocent people have gone to jail and will continue to go to jail so the risk in killing an Innocent life is there as long as capital punishment is around so unless we have overwhelming evidence and the suspect fully acknowledges his wrong doing then capital punishment should be put on hold.
War. Senseless, mindless killing really. We fight over land, power, and resources in the name of what exactly? Oh, so that our country becomes more powerful, that's right. Those who speak of world peace are liars because no country wants to be last on the totem pole. Fear will always out shadow peace and that's just the way it is. Should there be war, no, why can't we all just get along? What a wonderful dream but it isn't going to happen. Is it okay to kill someone before they kill you, yes I think so. No one has the right take away another's life but if that person has initiated the death toll the I feel you are more within your right to defend yourself. The problem is that both sides always think they are right. I think the only way to tell if you are on the good side is if you are fighting for freedom and peace not the invasion of other territories and claim over religious land. Another issue with war is the innocent casualties that go along with it. So many civilians are killed during war and they are thought to be necessary in the long run. Imagine being thought of as a necessary death, that's scary. Being expendable is never a good thing and unfortunately the world has come to a place where this is acceptable and necessary.
Abortion and Euthanasia. I think that abortion should be legal. At this point in time, the world is hurting. We are running out of space, resources and government funded programs. Another kid without a family is another lost soul in the system that is taking up space. That may sound cold and heartless but that is what it has come down to. There are not enough options these days to give a child without a family the love and support they need to grow up and contribute to this society so to then make contraception a commandment is ridiculous. You don't want abortion but you can't use protection, oh that's right because sex is only for baby making well hate to break it to you lord but that understanding was lost many decades ago so I think it's time to revise this list.
Big supporter of Euthanasia. To let someone suffer when death is inevitable is cruel. If someone is on his last leg and cancer is eating away at him and the only was he is alive is because of machines and a heavy prescription load then you should be able to induce death. One may say Euthanasia is murder but not when it is in best interest of that person and the quality of life is no longer there. I can see where the grey area is with this. People are so dishonest these days that it is hard to tell what is being done in the interest of others. One may euthanize their parents because they want their inheritance quicker or someone may euthanize in an attempt to cover up murder so I can understand why Euthanasia is illegal but that is truly a shame that people must suffer because others can't be trusted.
Suicide. I think that killing yourself is selfish but why is it a sin. I guess it is like laughing in the face of god to purposely take your own life but isn't that part of freedom of choice. This is a fairly effective stipulation tho. I bet there are, and have been quite a few people that have not killed themselves due to the fear of going to hell. I know I would never kill myself based solely out of fear of the after life to. It is the cowards way out and it removes you from any consequences that you may have to face in your mortal life. I don't think you should go to hell if you kill yourself but you go to the lower class part of heaven where only 75% of your dreams come true, yes that would be fair.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night 56

Four: Honor thy father and they mother.

Commands: love, respect, obedience to parents of children in all that is not sin; care on the part of parents for the spiritual and temporal welfare of their children; obedience to lawful civil authorities, obedience to religious superiors (when in accordance with Magisterial teaching.).

Forbids: hatred of parents and superiors; contempt, disrespect and disobedience towards our parents or lawful superiors.

Mama Mia, does this one even need to be addressed. This is clearly a long lost commandment and hasn't been followed since the 60's.
Obedience, respect? Okay, where to begin. The worst kids these days is the current generation by far. I may have been kind of rude and disrespectful, like telling my mom to be quiet but I wouldn't dream of telling my parents to fuck off, you're so fucking retarded, go fuck yourself or fucking asshole. I couldn't imagine the consequences if those words flew out of my mouth. I would be severely crippled and blind. I see the difference between when I was a kid and my little brother, the difference between disrespect and the punishment associated is night and day and you can blame society for that one.
Every parent complains about how disobedient their child is, but it's their own fault. Parents are so worried about punishing their kids and enforcing rules, that kids are doing whatever they want because they feel entitled to it, therein lies the problem: entitlement. When I would go to the movies or get a new pairs of shoes, I was grateful but for some reason kids these days think they are owed it and deserve it with no work or effort contributed. Entitled because of why? Because they have life so hard, that is bullshit. Kids need to know where they stand and it isn't before their parents. Kids should be doing chores and their homework, not getting drunk at 12 and having sex.
I don't understand the parents that give their kids condoms at a young age and tell them to be careful, I didn't even know what a condom was, you know why? Because I was told condoms were for skanks and that sex was wrong before marriage and that it only spreads diseases. Sure, I may have had an irrational fear of sex but I wasn't 15 and knocked up now was I.
Parents need to be parents and not try to be friends. You shouldn't be letting your young teenage children drink in your house, let alone buy the booze for them, what kind of message are you sending them? You are starting your child's decent to early death caused by alcoholism. You need to lay down the law and let your little shits know that life comes with responsibility and you can't spend your days and nights doing what you want but parents are so scared of what children will do these days that they grant nearly every demand a child has.
The worst thing that ever happened to a parent was when physical discipline of a child was no longer acceptable. I loved my parents but I also feared them. Not only were they loud yellers but I got spanked a few times with a red spoon and it did the trick. I don't condone beating of kids but if my child ever told me to fuck off, you best believe they are getting a smack across the face. Kids are not equals to adults, they are far below, they have not earned the right to talk to like adults or act like adults in any way, so when out of line they have to be reminded and if a spanking does the trick, then it does the trick.
Parents must realize that kids will grow into adults and all though you nurtured them and loved them, they don't always turn out the way you would like them to but you know what? That's their life and that is the path they have chosen.
Hatred of superiors is a sin as well? How are you supposed to honor superiors when priests are molesting little boys, cops are stealing drug money and teachers are sleeping with students in exchange for better grades? It is ridiculous to think that a deep passion for hate doesn't grow for these types of people. And the respect that is enforced for them is resented because most of them clearly do not deserve it. These people thrive off of the fact that we have to obey them and listen to them, laws have given them the platform to do what they want and all I can say is fuck them and screw the respect they think they deserve. I don't hate all authority but I hate most of it, if that makes me a sinner then so be it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night 55

Three:  Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.

Commands: going to Church on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation, reverence in Church.

Forbids: missing Church through one's own fault; unnecessary servile work; unnecessary public buying and selling; court trials; and whatever else may hinder the due observance of the Lord's day. 

I would be okay with this commandment, if everyone in the world recognized it but seeing as I only have two days for the weekend makes me very bitter against this rule. So, the lord wants me to set aside one whole day of the week to do nothing but worship him, that's fine but can I have a 4 day work week then and get paid for working five days, no? Well than I don't want to set aside a day where I blindly praise a man that I am not even sure of his existence.
And I think that's a little much, don't you think? To have a whole day every week for us to do nothing but think of God. I don't buy it. We only celebrate his birthday once a year so why does this celebration have to be every single week. Is there anything I actually do every single week, not really so I find this worshipping to be somewhat of a pain.
I like the word unnecessary being used. Who is one to judge what is unnecessary and what isn't. I have had a stressful week and therefore have to go see a movie on Sunday to relax or I will blow my brains out. I have a huge interview on Monday and need a new outfit so I can feel better about myself and have more confidence in hopes that my interview will go better. If everything we do effects the way our lives will turn out then should we really call any task unnecessary. If going to the mall on Sunday leads to you getting married someday, then wouldn't god want that? Or is this commandment a warning and that if we do what we want on Sundays our lives will be changed for the worse with every holy day we ignore? I don't like that at all; Living under a big brother regime without the benefits only the negatives. Propaganda through fear. I don't think that's that god would have wanted for us to worship him out of fear that our lives will suck if we don't.
Somewhere along the way from god's lips to the pages of the bible, something got twisted. It's like that telephone game, where something starts out one way and in the end is completely different. I bet god really said, " Have fun, you work hard, enjoy your weekends and remember Sunday was brought to you by yours truly, the end," and some uptight disciple completely changed it on him.
So, this commandment is unfortunately another commandment that holds no weight, except for in the NFL.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Night 54

Two:  Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain.

Commands: speaking with reverence of God and of the saints, and of all holy things; keeping lawful oaths and vows.

Forbids: blasphemy, the irreverent use of God's name, speaking disrespectfully of holy things, profane words (cursing); false, rash, unjust, and unnecessary oaths and the breaking of vows.

I feel bad because I break this commandment all the time. Imagine a time when saying, "Oh my god," was a sin? It was actually such a bad thing to say that you would go to hell for it. Now look. Stores sell stickers to kids that say omg and their favorite characters of their shows say it all the time.
If only we could find a way to bring this commandment back, that way all those that used it would go to hell and we could forever banish things like Hannah Montanna and Kesha, wouldn't that be nice?
I don't even really understand why this is a sin, I mean, you're calling out to god for help, are you not? or you're so happy that you wanna tell god about it:

Oh my god I can't believe I got a Pony!
God, I can't believe I hit that car.
Jesus, that woman is fat.

I think saying god in the sentence is bringing the man back into everyday conversation so he is never truly forgotten. Society has cleverly hidden a way to praise Jesus in a form of blasphemy. Some might say it's still wrong and a sin, well I say that they clearly don't understand the ways of the lord because the point of the guy in the sky is to help us with our problems, no? I think saying oh my god that guy can eat so much, is like an indirect prayer to Jesus that he will give the man lock jaw, making him miss meals, and lowering his chance of death by obesity and diabetes, so really taking the lords name in vain is a way of solving society's problems one omg at a time.
It is also a very strong and powerful expression. It can relay anger, happiness, disbelief and many other emotions. Wouldn't Jesus want us to fully express ourselves and if we can reach that ultimate level of expression by calling out to him then I think he would be happy knowing that he in turn helped us free ourselves.
I know as time goes on we become desensitized to many things and saying oh my god is one of those. There was a time growing up where I would get in trouble for saying it but I kept saying it more and more until the punishments became less and less severe. I think the main issue people have with this commandment is the fact that not everyone believes in god so they don't have to follow the rules. Television and movies are a fairly immoral place to be and seeing as they are so influential they have single handily broken that barrier between right and wrong. Kids watch T.V., movies and listen to music, all mediums where there is very little faith and therefore influences kids to act the same way. Why can't parents see that times have changed and this is the way it is now?
How about Jesus fucking Christ. When a character would say that in a film, my mom's eyes would get so big and her face would start twitching, that's how much she hated it. I really have no problem with profanity in any form but I can see how that sentence could be highly offensive to someone of religion but they must understand that we live in a world where boundaries are pushed for the sake of pushing them. You are irrelevant unless you are outside of the box and bringing hate down on religion has always been controversial and always will be.
I love when rappers win awards and the fist thing they thank is god. Well I don't know if you can really thank god, I don't know if he's the one on your side. You live your life of that of a thug. Your lyrics are demeaning to women, filled with curse words, blasphemy and drug use, It's not god you need to thank for your success, you need to thank the majority of the population that want to live your life, because they are the ones that buy your records, not god
In conclusion I think that omg and JFC are not a big deal and yes they once were considered sins but this commandment holds very little weight, if any these days.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Night 53

I have decided to discuss the relativity and how much substance the 10 commandments hold these days.

Thursday, March 3, 2011