Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Night 51

I hate moving more than anything.

Moving is probably one of the worst scenarios people will go through in their lives. There is so much that must be taken into consideration when moving and everything has to be arranged to fit within each other. My day started out by going to the Uhaul place. Now the plan was for my boyfriend to take the car and pick up his friend to come help us move and I was to drive the Uhaul back to our place which was about five minutes away.
I hate driving Uhauls. I get behind the wheel and I can't see anything; my depth perception has no idea what to do at this point. I tell the sales lady and my boyfriend that I was nervous and didn't feel I could drive the Uhaul. My boyfriend shouts to me, "You'll be fine," as he drives off and e sales lady spits out,"Take the corners wide and watch out for the Asians," while slapping the back of the truck. Me driving a Uhaul is a complete freak show. I was to nervous to do real driving so I had to wait until there were absolutely no cars around me before I would make my turns. I tapped the gas so that the Uhaul moved along with a chug chug, start and stop kind of motion and to make things worse, the truck was in miles per hour. I still have no idea how fast I was actually going but I would put it somewhere between a tandem bike and motorized scooter.
I figured taking the back roads would be the safest but seeing as it's Vancouver, every road abruptly ends and so what was supposed to be a five minute drive, turned into a twenty minute drive.
The boys get back to the home and I had to take the car because I had to go stop by the office for something so while I was gone they were going to start loading up the truck.
I get a phone call from my boyfriend telling me that the truck won't start and that when he puts the key in the ignition and turns it nothing happens. Jesus, this is the last thing that I needed, I didn't even know how to decipher this problem. At this point I was so tired all I could mutter was,  "Are you sure you're turning it right?" I then get a phone call back telling me that he was actually putting the key in the passenger air bag slot that turns it on and off.
So, the car and truck are loaded up and we go drop everything off. Things are going well and the day is progressing somewhat quicker than imagined but then the second load comes. We go back to the house to start loading the truck up for the second time and at this point we are all just dragging our feet. I was getting to the point of exhaustion where all I could do was stare at things. There came a time when there was just random shit laying around so I starting gathering everything and putting them into boxes. There are boxes containing one shoe, dried macaroni, tweezers, a sock, a bar of soap and a comic book. I just wanted to get things done.
At around 8:30 p.m. we finish and I relax for about two hours before I have to go to work. If we didn't have my boyfriends friend helping us we would probably still be moving right now. I have the strength on an infant and my job was to carry the clothes in, which took me as long as it took them to move absolutely everything else.
The best part is that my boyfriend and I have to go back to the apartment today and clean so that we can get our damage deposit back. The last thing I feel like doing is fucking cleaning and I'm going to try everything in my power to get out of helping.
Moving is the worst.

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