Friday, March 4, 2011

Night 53

I have decided to discuss the relativity and how much substance the 10 commandments hold these days.

Let me clarify that I am as overwhelmed as most when it comes to religion and my views are simply a way of playing devil's advocate and looking at something, such as religion and interpreting it in ways to provoke thought of any kind, if any. My views and thoughts hold no bearing on how I see people. I truly believe in freedom of religion and to those who practice whatever they may practice.

One: You shall have no other gods before me.

Commands: faith, making an effort to know what God has revealed through His Church, believing all that God has revealed, professing belief in what God has  revealed; hope; love; worship of God; reverence for holy things, prayer and sacrifice.

Forbids: idolatry, giving to a creature (any person but God) or creation (e.g. sun, moon, stars, "Mother Earth") the honor which belongs to God alone, superstition, spiritualism, seances, astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, palm reading, Ouija boards, trying to communicate with the dead directly or through others, and all occult practices; tempting God, sacrilege, attendance at false worship; presumption and despair; renouncing the faith or giving up the practice of our religion for the sake of wealth, honors, society, or worldly pleasures.

God would like you to be the only one you bow to but does this now impede on our right to freedom of religion and the right to worship as we will. Must we choose between our god given right and the right to choose a god? For instance look at Scientology, and that Xenu thing they worship, will Tom Cruise and John Travolta burn in hell?

I think limiting yourself to one god would be silly, why not secure a bunch of after life's if you can and just don't tell each other god about the other gods. You should practice religion as if it was a romantic comedy. You're in your bedroom saying your prayers at night to god and in walks Xenu:

What are you doing?
Oh.....Xenu, hey I thought you were going to be out of town.
Ya, my flight came in early, what are you doing?
I dropped something on the ground.
I heard you talking to someone.
I was talking about how much I only worship you.

You need to play the field when it comes to lords. If It's not technically a god; why can't one believe in Jesus and reincarnation? You're  not worshipping reincarnation and you are not putting it before god in fact one should combine the two.
When you die you go to heaven and you can do whatever you want apparently, well what if I want to come back to earth as an Elephant or a slinky? and in heaven anything is possible so reincarnation must be a gift from god and is disguised as a sin, only to weed out the weak and allow this power to the worthy.
Another benefit of worshipping more than one god, are the holidays that come along with it or how about worship the same god but a different version and get Hanukkah and Christmas.
I want to start sending out party invitations for all sorts of holidays and special occasions, that way I get a lot of gifts and really sweet theme parties all in the name of a higher being. Presents rock and I would have so many of them; god and Allah would be very proud of my ingenuity.
I think it's safe to say that all gods or higher beings will agree that Scientology's Xenu is the outcast. He is defiantly the loser of all gods.
This commandment is very hard to acknowledge because I have seen what god has unveiled and I don't like it. I was under the assumption that god wanted best for mankind and all though he has given man the freedom of choice, he could step in every once and a while. If he has the ability to see every decision we are about to make and know when we will be born and what we will do with our lives, why would he have created earth in the first place? His commandments are broken constantly, diseases are created, genocide is performed, and slavery took place. Why continue building an earth only to have it in shambles in any given point in history? We were destined to fail constantly and innocent people are expendable.
This sacrifice it speaks of, would that be the sacrifice of Innocent lives and the sense of security that we once had. Why is it we must live in fear of getting our car stolen, credit card fraud or getting mugged? Why doesn't god only create those that would do good? Or is it that he does create all in his image and it is Satan that corrupts us and therefore God holds no power over those individuals any longer. But if he could see a corrupt soul in the making, why doesn't he cut that life short or even better, not create it at all. In the end god is the one that makes the decisions.
Hope. What a heavy word. Why should we have hope because things will work out as they will. There is no such thing as hope. Hope is a mask for the inevitable. If you hope someone won't die of cancer or that you get that job you interviewed for and it doesn't happen, then why did you waste all that time hoping and praying. You will get a job because you had a good interview, or the person liked you and someone will die or not die of cancer depending how their body reacts to certain treatments and the level of its immunity. Hoping doesn't change the course of the future. Hope is for the lazy and naive. Naive people use hope because they don't want to recognize the factors that can affect a situation and once you disregard all options a situation can have then you are only left with one, and that is hope, and that is easy to do. Lazy people use hope because it is a way of getting out of extra work. They hope that they did well on a test. They hope because they didn't study. If they had studied, they would roughly know how well they did instead of hoping they did okay.
I was brought up in a Christian family but my religion is vaguely based on Christianity. I like to think I follow the general rules of no murder and such but I would be a hypocrite to actually call myself a Christian especially when I question so much that I have been taught. I am a very reason based person, I need answers and I need reason behind all that I learn and religion doesn't offer that.
I feel with what I have been shown and what I have read, blind faith is impossible for me to do. I am a concrete kind of person and after reviewing the facts, I can't take that leap of faith.
But Scientology will always be last to be picked in gym class.

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