Monday, March 7, 2011

Night 54

Two:  Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain.

Commands: speaking with reverence of God and of the saints, and of all holy things; keeping lawful oaths and vows.

Forbids: blasphemy, the irreverent use of God's name, speaking disrespectfully of holy things, profane words (cursing); false, rash, unjust, and unnecessary oaths and the breaking of vows.

I feel bad because I break this commandment all the time. Imagine a time when saying, "Oh my god," was a sin? It was actually such a bad thing to say that you would go to hell for it. Now look. Stores sell stickers to kids that say omg and their favorite characters of their shows say it all the time.
If only we could find a way to bring this commandment back, that way all those that used it would go to hell and we could forever banish things like Hannah Montanna and Kesha, wouldn't that be nice?
I don't even really understand why this is a sin, I mean, you're calling out to god for help, are you not? or you're so happy that you wanna tell god about it:

Oh my god I can't believe I got a Pony!
God, I can't believe I hit that car.
Jesus, that woman is fat.

I think saying god in the sentence is bringing the man back into everyday conversation so he is never truly forgotten. Society has cleverly hidden a way to praise Jesus in a form of blasphemy. Some might say it's still wrong and a sin, well I say that they clearly don't understand the ways of the lord because the point of the guy in the sky is to help us with our problems, no? I think saying oh my god that guy can eat so much, is like an indirect prayer to Jesus that he will give the man lock jaw, making him miss meals, and lowering his chance of death by obesity and diabetes, so really taking the lords name in vain is a way of solving society's problems one omg at a time.
It is also a very strong and powerful expression. It can relay anger, happiness, disbelief and many other emotions. Wouldn't Jesus want us to fully express ourselves and if we can reach that ultimate level of expression by calling out to him then I think he would be happy knowing that he in turn helped us free ourselves.
I know as time goes on we become desensitized to many things and saying oh my god is one of those. There was a time growing up where I would get in trouble for saying it but I kept saying it more and more until the punishments became less and less severe. I think the main issue people have with this commandment is the fact that not everyone believes in god so they don't have to follow the rules. Television and movies are a fairly immoral place to be and seeing as they are so influential they have single handily broken that barrier between right and wrong. Kids watch T.V., movies and listen to music, all mediums where there is very little faith and therefore influences kids to act the same way. Why can't parents see that times have changed and this is the way it is now?
How about Jesus fucking Christ. When a character would say that in a film, my mom's eyes would get so big and her face would start twitching, that's how much she hated it. I really have no problem with profanity in any form but I can see how that sentence could be highly offensive to someone of religion but they must understand that we live in a world where boundaries are pushed for the sake of pushing them. You are irrelevant unless you are outside of the box and bringing hate down on religion has always been controversial and always will be.
I love when rappers win awards and the fist thing they thank is god. Well I don't know if you can really thank god, I don't know if he's the one on your side. You live your life of that of a thug. Your lyrics are demeaning to women, filled with curse words, blasphemy and drug use, It's not god you need to thank for your success, you need to thank the majority of the population that want to live your life, because they are the ones that buy your records, not god
In conclusion I think that omg and JFC are not a big deal and yes they once were considered sins but this commandment holds very little weight, if any these days.

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