Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night 55

Three:  Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.

Commands: going to Church on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation, reverence in Church.

Forbids: missing Church through one's own fault; unnecessary servile work; unnecessary public buying and selling; court trials; and whatever else may hinder the due observance of the Lord's day. 

I would be okay with this commandment, if everyone in the world recognized it but seeing as I only have two days for the weekend makes me very bitter against this rule. So, the lord wants me to set aside one whole day of the week to do nothing but worship him, that's fine but can I have a 4 day work week then and get paid for working five days, no? Well than I don't want to set aside a day where I blindly praise a man that I am not even sure of his existence.
And I think that's a little much, don't you think? To have a whole day every week for us to do nothing but think of God. I don't buy it. We only celebrate his birthday once a year so why does this celebration have to be every single week. Is there anything I actually do every single week, not really so I find this worshipping to be somewhat of a pain.
I like the word unnecessary being used. Who is one to judge what is unnecessary and what isn't. I have had a stressful week and therefore have to go see a movie on Sunday to relax or I will blow my brains out. I have a huge interview on Monday and need a new outfit so I can feel better about myself and have more confidence in hopes that my interview will go better. If everything we do effects the way our lives will turn out then should we really call any task unnecessary. If going to the mall on Sunday leads to you getting married someday, then wouldn't god want that? Or is this commandment a warning and that if we do what we want on Sundays our lives will be changed for the worse with every holy day we ignore? I don't like that at all; Living under a big brother regime without the benefits only the negatives. Propaganda through fear. I don't think that's that god would have wanted for us to worship him out of fear that our lives will suck if we don't.
Somewhere along the way from god's lips to the pages of the bible, something got twisted. It's like that telephone game, where something starts out one way and in the end is completely different. I bet god really said, " Have fun, you work hard, enjoy your weekends and remember Sunday was brought to you by yours truly, the end," and some uptight disciple completely changed it on him.
So, this commandment is unfortunately another commandment that holds no weight, except for in the NFL.

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