Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night 56

Four: Honor thy father and they mother.

Commands: love, respect, obedience to parents of children in all that is not sin; care on the part of parents for the spiritual and temporal welfare of their children; obedience to lawful civil authorities, obedience to religious superiors (when in accordance with Magisterial teaching.).

Forbids: hatred of parents and superiors; contempt, disrespect and disobedience towards our parents or lawful superiors.

Mama Mia, does this one even need to be addressed. This is clearly a long lost commandment and hasn't been followed since the 60's.
Obedience, respect? Okay, where to begin. The worst kids these days is the current generation by far. I may have been kind of rude and disrespectful, like telling my mom to be quiet but I wouldn't dream of telling my parents to fuck off, you're so fucking retarded, go fuck yourself or fucking asshole. I couldn't imagine the consequences if those words flew out of my mouth. I would be severely crippled and blind. I see the difference between when I was a kid and my little brother, the difference between disrespect and the punishment associated is night and day and you can blame society for that one.
Every parent complains about how disobedient their child is, but it's their own fault. Parents are so worried about punishing their kids and enforcing rules, that kids are doing whatever they want because they feel entitled to it, therein lies the problem: entitlement. When I would go to the movies or get a new pairs of shoes, I was grateful but for some reason kids these days think they are owed it and deserve it with no work or effort contributed. Entitled because of why? Because they have life so hard, that is bullshit. Kids need to know where they stand and it isn't before their parents. Kids should be doing chores and their homework, not getting drunk at 12 and having sex.
I don't understand the parents that give their kids condoms at a young age and tell them to be careful, I didn't even know what a condom was, you know why? Because I was told condoms were for skanks and that sex was wrong before marriage and that it only spreads diseases. Sure, I may have had an irrational fear of sex but I wasn't 15 and knocked up now was I.
Parents need to be parents and not try to be friends. You shouldn't be letting your young teenage children drink in your house, let alone buy the booze for them, what kind of message are you sending them? You are starting your child's decent to early death caused by alcoholism. You need to lay down the law and let your little shits know that life comes with responsibility and you can't spend your days and nights doing what you want but parents are so scared of what children will do these days that they grant nearly every demand a child has.
The worst thing that ever happened to a parent was when physical discipline of a child was no longer acceptable. I loved my parents but I also feared them. Not only were they loud yellers but I got spanked a few times with a red spoon and it did the trick. I don't condone beating of kids but if my child ever told me to fuck off, you best believe they are getting a smack across the face. Kids are not equals to adults, they are far below, they have not earned the right to talk to like adults or act like adults in any way, so when out of line they have to be reminded and if a spanking does the trick, then it does the trick.
Parents must realize that kids will grow into adults and all though you nurtured them and loved them, they don't always turn out the way you would like them to but you know what? That's their life and that is the path they have chosen.
Hatred of superiors is a sin as well? How are you supposed to honor superiors when priests are molesting little boys, cops are stealing drug money and teachers are sleeping with students in exchange for better grades? It is ridiculous to think that a deep passion for hate doesn't grow for these types of people. And the respect that is enforced for them is resented because most of them clearly do not deserve it. These people thrive off of the fact that we have to obey them and listen to them, laws have given them the platform to do what they want and all I can say is fuck them and screw the respect they think they deserve. I don't hate all authority but I hate most of it, if that makes me a sinner then so be it.

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