Thursday, March 10, 2011

Night 57

Five: Thou shall not kill.

Commands: live in peace and union with our neighbor, to respect his rights, to seek his spiritual and bodily welfare, and to take proper care of our own life and health; controlling one's anger.

Forbids: all willful murder, suicide, abortion, euthanasia, artificial contraception, sterilization, cloning, endangering life and limb of self or others, fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, and bad example.

There is more to commandments then meets the eye, there are so many underlying rules it's unbelievable. This commandment is one that is still honored in the form of a law today but is bent to fit into the plans society has and that which benefits the country at hand.
Ya, we all agree one shouldn't go out and kill someone point blank but what about war and capital punishment. Let''s start with capital punishment. Thou shall not kill, well how about if that person deserves it. I am a firm believer in capital punishment and am very much an eye for an eye kind of person. It may be wrong morally and ethically but so be it. If a man killed my family. I would want him dead, no ifs ands or buts and if the government didn't do so and released him back into this world I would kill him. I would try my best not to get caught but if I did and I went to jail for it, then that is fine because I feel there would be no higher justification. The only downside to capital punishment is that innocent people have gone to jail and will continue to go to jail so the risk in killing an Innocent life is there as long as capital punishment is around so unless we have overwhelming evidence and the suspect fully acknowledges his wrong doing then capital punishment should be put on hold.
War. Senseless, mindless killing really. We fight over land, power, and resources in the name of what exactly? Oh, so that our country becomes more powerful, that's right. Those who speak of world peace are liars because no country wants to be last on the totem pole. Fear will always out shadow peace and that's just the way it is. Should there be war, no, why can't we all just get along? What a wonderful dream but it isn't going to happen. Is it okay to kill someone before they kill you, yes I think so. No one has the right take away another's life but if that person has initiated the death toll the I feel you are more within your right to defend yourself. The problem is that both sides always think they are right. I think the only way to tell if you are on the good side is if you are fighting for freedom and peace not the invasion of other territories and claim over religious land. Another issue with war is the innocent casualties that go along with it. So many civilians are killed during war and they are thought to be necessary in the long run. Imagine being thought of as a necessary death, that's scary. Being expendable is never a good thing and unfortunately the world has come to a place where this is acceptable and necessary.
Abortion and Euthanasia. I think that abortion should be legal. At this point in time, the world is hurting. We are running out of space, resources and government funded programs. Another kid without a family is another lost soul in the system that is taking up space. That may sound cold and heartless but that is what it has come down to. There are not enough options these days to give a child without a family the love and support they need to grow up and contribute to this society so to then make contraception a commandment is ridiculous. You don't want abortion but you can't use protection, oh that's right because sex is only for baby making well hate to break it to you lord but that understanding was lost many decades ago so I think it's time to revise this list.
Big supporter of Euthanasia. To let someone suffer when death is inevitable is cruel. If someone is on his last leg and cancer is eating away at him and the only was he is alive is because of machines and a heavy prescription load then you should be able to induce death. One may say Euthanasia is murder but not when it is in best interest of that person and the quality of life is no longer there. I can see where the grey area is with this. People are so dishonest these days that it is hard to tell what is being done in the interest of others. One may euthanize their parents because they want their inheritance quicker or someone may euthanize in an attempt to cover up murder so I can understand why Euthanasia is illegal but that is truly a shame that people must suffer because others can't be trusted.
Suicide. I think that killing yourself is selfish but why is it a sin. I guess it is like laughing in the face of god to purposely take your own life but isn't that part of freedom of choice. This is a fairly effective stipulation tho. I bet there are, and have been quite a few people that have not killed themselves due to the fear of going to hell. I know I would never kill myself based solely out of fear of the after life to. It is the cowards way out and it removes you from any consequences that you may have to face in your mortal life. I don't think you should go to hell if you kill yourself but you go to the lower class part of heaven where only 75% of your dreams come true, yes that would be fair.

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