Friday, March 11, 2011

Night 58

Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Commands: chastity and modesty in all our looks, words, and actions; avoiding occasions of sin.

Forbids: unchaste freedom with another's wife or husband; pornography, bad movies or books, obscene speech; impure actions alone or with others; masturbation, fornication, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, pedophilia; also all immodesty with ourselves or others in looks, dress, words, or actions.

Well isn't this a controversial commandment. I can't understand why being gay is a sin. Even if the bible thought is was bad why make it into a sin. I can't believe that Elton or Ellen would go to hell because they played on the other team. I don't know what it's like to have attraction to the other sex so I can't speak to it. All I can say is that being gay or lesbian shouldn't sign your eternity away to Satan. People are what they are and they do what they do. It's hard for gays and lesbians so I don't know why they would chose to be a certain way if it mean they would have a life time of abuse so the only option is that they were born with that chemical make up to be gay. Neurons and chemicals mix and mingle in their brain telling them what they like and what they want, so can we damn them for that? No, not at all and I think to make it a sin is absurd.
Adultery is considered a joke now. Many romantic comedies centre around cheating or being cheated on. It is a common practice of many and is thought to be funny or cool. I would hate to be cheated on, I think it would be one of the worst tings to happen to you but it's kind of an accepted behavior these days and not many people look at it as a big deal. I know couples that cheat on each other regularly and they still stay together. I could no imagine looking at the person the same way or feeling the same way knowing that they have touched another being in a sexual way.
I am pretty sure we can all agree that bestiality is a sin. Having sex with an animal is disgusting. I watched this video called, "Mr.Hands," and it's about this guy who takes it up the ass from a horse. He died a few days later and the best thing about this is he had sex with this horse in the United States, in one of the states where bestiality isn't a sin and it was an actual farm for animal sex. For such a god fearing country it's strange that animal sex can still be allowed but god forbid we let the gays marry. Masturbation being a sin is ridiculous. I feel that it is such a common urge and thought, that one would go crazy if they didn't do it every now and then. How many guys do you know that masturbate every day? Imagine if they all went to hell solely on that reason, how ridiculous would that be. Knowing oneself and touching ones own body should hardly be a sin but a testament to truly loving oneself. And here is where sex before marriage comes into play or sex without the thougth of procreation as well. Well every TV show of the 90's are sinners. Casual sex is not allowed and you will burn for it. How could you wait before marriage to have sex? It's not the old days where all you had was farms and expanding your family to help on that farm. We now have so much technology, different careers and much busier lives that don't all involve working the land and herding cattle. How would you know if you connect with someone sexually without trying it out first? If you love someone it should work in bed right? Yes, it should but it doesn't always and if you marry someone before knowing that then you will end up being unhappy and looking for satisfaction in other places other than your spouse or partner.
Yep, pedophilia is wrong. There's not much to it. If I had a child and an adult forced themselves onto my child sexually or raped them, I would fucking kill them, I think anyone would. Those are the lowest of the low. Anyone that could harm a child, especially sexually deserves to rot in hell forever. No one should ever, ever touch a child in a sexual way, especially a parent or relative. You always hear about kids her were touched by their dad or uncle and all I can wonder is how could a blood relative, who is supposed to love and protect you, do one of the worst things imaginable to you? Why didn't god step in and stop that child from getting hurt and scarred for life, I don't know but it's a shame and my heart truly cries for all those kids.

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