Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Night 59

Seven: Thous shall not steal.

Commands: respect for the property and rights of others; the paying of just debts; paying just wages to employees; integrity in public officials. Repentance for sins also requires the restoration of ill-gotten goods, or the value of them, as best as we are able, bound to repair the damage we have unjustly caused.

Forbids: theft; damage to the property of others; not paying just debts; not returning found or borrowed articles; giving unjust measure or weight in selling; not paying just wages; bribery; graft; cheating; fraud; accepting stolen property; not giving an honest day's work for wages received; violation of contract.

What if you're stealing to give to the poor? Or what if you're stealing from a rich tyrant who is evil and kills people? I think that if you steal something from a bad person then it's okay because it's like you are punishing them. Yes, I know that one cannot take it into their own hands to punish others but sometimes it's okay and if the opportunity arises than take it. I think stealing something small from a store is okay as well. Listen, the prices are so over marked and so inflated that we are literally getting raped by companies daily and last time I checked rape is a sin. So what if someone takes a pack of gum or eye liner? I say companies deserve what they get and if they want to force people to steal because it is a slap in the face to charge $2.50 for a pack of gum, then so be it.
I feel taken advantage of and that's not okay. Which is worse, stealing or constant abuse by over priced shit. How can people wonder why theft and burglary is up? Because no one can afford anything anymore, so people steal. The world has dug it's own grave and then cries when it gets deeper and deeper. Lay in your bed earth, you made it.
Just debts. Fuck you. Why is that I have to pay to go to school in order to contribute to society? That is completely bogus. You get chastised for what you don't do with your career and you are called lazy if you don't further your education but not everyone has the money to get a fucking degree and without a degree you can't get a well paying job, which you then can't afford to go to school. It's around about fucking way of doing something. Oh, but don't worry, you can take out massive loans and spend the better part of your life paying them off, doesn't that sound great? And here's the best part: The loans that you took out to go to school to get the job you wanted is now no longer possible due to the recession and god knows when it will pick back up, but in the mean time you can start paying those fucking loans back while working 9-5 at McDonald's.Your country doesn't care about your education, it all comes down to money and who they can take it from.
Now, how bad does cheating have to be before you go to hell? When I was 6, I cheated at Monopoly and when I was older I put a sweater over my laser tag armour so that I couldn't be tagged, will I burn forever? I think this commandment needs to be better explained because in my eyes I shouldn't go to hell because I wanted to win a game of laser tag. But maybe cheating is cheating and no matter how you split the hairs you are still sinning. That would suck. If I had lived a completely good life and then I got up to the gates and as I am walking on through to heaven God grabs me by the arm and says, "Ya, 56 years ago you didn't roll a seven in Monopoly, it was actually a 6, you lied and bought boardwalk which won you the game, now go on down to the other side you cheater." I think that would be a little harsh.
I'm not sure how many politicians haven't cheated or stolen in their lives and they run our fucking countries. Everyone is a sinner in that respect. We are a democracy and we support those that are sinners and do wrong constantly so by six degrees of separation are we in turn cheaters and sinners because we go with the  majority in order to blend in and not rock the boat. In the end will we pay greatly for conformity?

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