Friday, March 18, 2011

Night 60

Eight: Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.

Commands: truthfulness in all things, respect for the good name and reputation of other; the observance of secrecy when required. Repentance for sin also requires those who have lied about their neighbor and seriously injured his character must repair the injury done as far as they are able.

Forbids: lying, injury to good name of others, slander, detraction, tale bearing, rash judgment, backbiting, rash judgments, contemptuous speech; and the violation of secrecy.

I feel this is a commandment that can have two sides. I know there are people who say that they have their "personal ethics" and then "business ethics" well I think that there are "personal morals" and "professional morals".
To lie is to be untrue, to hide the truth and to cover up but what if it is necessary to lie? Imagine being at your job and the boss asks you if you have finished the report that he wanted before lunch, you haven't and you know it will take you 10 minutes to do so, not a big deal, do you:

a.) Say no, but it will take 10 minutes and that you forgot.
b.) Say yes, and they will have it by lunch.

Am I wrong to say b? Why cause extra stress and grief for no reason? I think This commandment involves the weighing of pros and cons. Should you lie to your boss, sometimes. If the lie will not effect anyone then what is the big deal? That is how I see it anyways. If we didn't lie, probably none of us would have jobs. So, you don't lie you get written up for not having a report done. Fuck, the truth sometimes causes more hardships then necessary. In that scenario the lie cause no hurt and had no consequences but what if you are a medical professional and you give the wrong medications to a client do you:

a.) Not tell anyone and hope that they are okay.
b.) Follow procedure and notify all those involved and fill out a report.

In this case it would be a no brainer. Someones life is in jeopardy so you tell the truth. You may be fired and/or written up but your job is not more important than a life. Again, pros and cons. To lie, is a gift given by god and it must be used wisely.
And then there are white lies. Hey, how about if your friend asks you if they're fat or if they have bad skin? What do you say now? God, what if a leper asked them if you thought they were ugly, would you say yes? Of course not, you say no you're beautiful, now let me perform a miracle and rid you of this plague so that your even MORE beautiful. It all depends on the gravity and severity of the lie.Lying is part of life and there is no denying that.
Well we are all going to hell because gossip is a sin. We all know that gossip is idle talk and that it is wrong and can get out of hand but sometimes it's just so juicy. There was a time when I would even gossip about my friends because there was something so entertaining about it. I now realize that gossip is pointless and time wasting but there was a time when I couldn't get enough. I could stay on the phone for hours with my friends talking about others and sometimes even making up lies because the worse the gossip the better it was to listen to. Any kind of negative talk about others is gossip and we all do it. I still do it from time to time and it is very alive in our every day living. It happens at work, with friends and with family. Hell, there are so many magazines that are dedicated to gossip. Not only will we all be in hell but we will be sharing the elevator ride down there with US Weekly and In Touch.
Along with gossip comes secrecy. When you gossip it usually means that you are saying something that another wanted to be kept private. No one has any right to share others secrets when they do not wish for them to be shared. Sometimes I think that if you tell someone a secret then you shouldn't care if others know because a true secret should be kept to yourself but then again I know the burning that a secret can cause and telling just once person makes the hurt go away but yet I wouldn't want any others to know so I am somewhat of a hypocrite on this one.
Again, at work you can keep a secret or keep things confidential as long as it doesn't effect that person or others around. If someone tells you that they are going to kill themselves, you tell someone. If someone tells you that they are going to kill others, you tell someone and possibly sleeper hold them. If someone tells you that they like some kinky sex move, keep it to yourself. If someone tells you they have 47 cats, keep it to yourself. Use judgment when it comes to secrecy.
I do believe in righting wrongs. When you have lies about someone or spilled some of their secrets you should fess up and apologize even if it might end a friendship. I believe others have the right to honesty and the truth when it comes to matters of gossip and lies. It is so hard to tell someone that you have wronged them. I still haven't apologized or fessed up to half the shit I have done and I hope one day that my pride will subside and I will be able to apologize to those that I have betrayed but as it stands now I am a coward. I hope that we can all be honest with each other when it comes to the important things but in the end we are all human and being human means imperfection. We would like to be honest but I think god will understand the instances when we can't.

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