Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night 62

Ten: Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's goods.

Commands: be content with what we have, respect for the rights of others; rejoice in our neighbor's welfare.

Forbids: desires to take or keep wrongfully, or to damage, what property belongs to another.

To be content is to be static, is to never strive to achieve more but to be happy with what and where you are, that philosophy is more than out dated. It used to be okay to to stay in one place your whole life because the world didn't have nearly as much to offer but how can this be asked of us these days? Life was simpler, therefore desires and wants were simpler as well but as time progresses so does ones desires. Life to me, is never being content and to always want more that way motivation and passion is never lost.
It would be a crime never to strive for a higher position in life. That may not be the outlook for all and many may not share my view but I am least happy when I am content. I know many people that are happy with where they are in life and to each their own but whenever I am around them I always want to ask them why they don't want more.
I, and I think many, want what others have. I look at a girl walking down the street and I automatically think:

I want her shoes
I like her jacket
I wish my hair was that long

It's impossible not to look at others and desire something about them. We always want what we don't have. I may be generalizing but since when has desire been a sin? I must have missed this in bible study. To want what others have is what fuels us to do more with our lives or to become more creative and to hinder that, is what I would think to be the true sin.
I have a problem of resentment. I resent and I am a jealous person. I realize these qualities in myself and I try everyday to work with them and to change. I try to be happy for others good fortune or accomplishments but it's so hard because the question that always comes up is, "Why not me?" I find it hard to be happy for my friends sometimes because I always want to be the best and I focus too much on that. It is supposed to be, "The best that I can be," and not just the best because always wanting to be the best will be a lifelong struggle that you will never overcome. There will always be someone who is better than you and to want the unattainable is to want a life of misery.
It all seems so clear and so easy but to apply the method is harder said then done. Being happy is easier than being jealous, not in my case. It takes way more energy and focus to be happy when I truly do not feel happy for others but I know the destruction jealousy and bitterness can cause and in the end if it takes a little more out of me to find happiness then that is what will have to happen. I know what kind of person I am and I know what kind of person I want to be. I will be happy for others because I want others to be happy for me and how can I expect from others which I am unwilling to give. It's unfair and it's selfish.
I believe in part of this commandment. I believe that we should relish in others accomplishments and show joy when we hear of good fortune and of our friends accomplishments. All though it may be hard at times, I believe it is the right way to lead ones life but I do not agree in being content. I believe that we should not measure ourselves to others and to not base our self value on it solely but I do think that we can use other's as a way to motivate to better our lives. It's like saying having a role model is a sin because you want to be like that person and that can't be true.

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