Monday, August 29, 2011

Commandment Conclusion

In conclusion this is where the commandments stand:

One: You shall have no other gods before me.

No longer valid. This commandment is no longer accepted within society seeing as the rise in spiritualism and other beliefs have taken a strong hold. My personal opinion is freedom of religion and with freedom of religion comes other gods and others belief systems. To each their own.

Two:  Thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain.

No longer valid. Clearly there is no respect for this commandment anymore and you can see that in everyday passing whether it be commercials, billboards, children's shows or common conversation. My personal opinion is calling out to god is more of a plea for help then a sin. Oh my god is fine but maybe leave the profanity out sometimes(Jesus fucking Christ = only occasionally).

Three:  Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath Day.

50% valid. Society does what they want on Sundays and to reserve a whole day for worship and remembering god is just too much to ask. We have busy lives and we fight for every second of the day and to erase one day out of the week is just impossible. I am not saying that you can't dedicate part of your day like going to church or reading some of the bible, whatever you may do but for the most part Sunday is just the last day of the weekend.

Four: Honor thy father and they mother.

No longer valid. I believe in this commandment and it's a shame that it no longer has any effect. I have trouble sometimes realizing that my mother is still my mother and that authorities have authority for a reason. No matter how old I am I will never be on the same level as my mother and that is how it is supposed to be. Parents deserve respect, for the most part (being that they are not abusive and what not.) But kids see parents as an equal and with that comes no respect. I wish this commandment still stood in modern day society.

Five: Thou shall not kill.

50% valid. Do not murder out of pleasure do not take a life because it makes you happy. Killing should happen during war and self defense. It would be wonderful if war didn't exist but it does and with war comes death; it is a way of life. Self defense is probably the only kind of killing that is completely justified. If someone is trying to take your life, take theirs before they have a chance to finish you.

Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

No longer valid. How many people do you know that have cheated or how many people have you heard of that have cheated. This commandment is clearly no longer upheld. My personal opinion is to cheat is to be a piece of shit. You can not truly love someone if you cheat on them. Leave someone before you have a chance to break their heart and scar them for life.

Seven: Thous shall not steal.

75% valid. This commandment is becoming less and less recognized, except by the law. How many crimes are committed everyday because of theft. How many people sit in jail because they have stolen. Clearly people steal and authorities may recognize the consequences but a good part of the population doesn't. I believe one should not steal unless you put your case of coke zero on the bottom of your shopping cart so the cashier misses it.

Eight: Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.

No longer valid. We all gossip. Lying is very common and slander happens all the time. Is it right? No. My personal opinion is to right a wrong that you have committed. If you lie about someone, make it right. Tell the truth and make sure that, that persons name is clear. We will lie but the point is to reflect, change the present and the future.

Nine: Thou shalt not covet they neighbors wife.

No longer valid. I think to cast out impure thought and desire is to open Pandora's box and unleash actions way more devastating then thought itself. To think is to hopefully, not act. It is a substitute for far more heinous crimes and I think if one can think something bad instead of doing it, then take the lesser of the two evils.

Ten: Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's goods.

50% valid. We should always strive to achieve more but to achieve more for ourselves and to not rub it into others faces. We should accept who we are and better ourselves to our standards not to others. Jealousy is more alive then ever and to be happy for others is the key to personal happiness as well.

In the end, most of the commandments are rarely upheld. It's interesting to see things that were once so sacred become a joke in a sitcom. The progression of society and boundaries is truly amazing. I think the commandments are a good thing. In general they are fairly good rules to live by, with exceptions of course. The problem with commandments is that they are fairly cut and dry and unfortunately life is not like that. To have a general set of morals is a great thing but knowing when to bend the rules and adapt them to your life is an even better thing. Do I believe in god? Well that is something that I cannot share.

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