Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowboarding! Answer me this tho.....

I went home to the Okanagan this Christmas to visit family. While I was there a snowboarded their lovely mountain Apex twice. Here's the story tho, tell me if it's right or wrong.
My first day snowboarding was on Dec 24. 13 it was a nice clear day but super windy up on the hill. The mountain was pretty good, some runs were groomed, some were not which made it a little difficult to board but most of all I want to stress that it was incredibly windy.
The mountain has two lifts, the triple chair and the quad chair. I stayed mostly on the triple chair as the runs on the quad were pretty icy and hard to get down.
After boarding for the morning I met my brother for lunch which he then proceeded to tell me that he got stuck on the quad lift for half an hour because of the high winds! He told me some guy beside him buckled up his board and jumped 25ft off the lift into the snow! He said the guy was okay, but I guess he was impatient hahaha. My brother also called the Apex office from the lift and proceeded to ream them out by saying funny things like, "what kind of show are you guys running?" hahaha. He said that they refunded his ticket so I should go say I was stuck too and get my money back.
I usually don't do dishonest things like that but for some reason I decided, hey why not.
I went into the office, now, not only did the lady refund my ticket but she gave me a complimentary pass as well! I didn't expect that, as I had just received a $140 value!
Now right or wrong? Obviously wrong but to what degree? Does it matter the degree or does it matter that it was dishonest even in the slightest?
On boxing day we went back up and I stayed on the triple chair again. I had had just ridden down the hill and was about to go back on the lift when it stalled and the triple chair was down for about 20 minutes. Now, I wasn't stuck on it but maybe it was a bit of a nudge from the universe saying, "Hey, don't deceive!" Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but maybe I'm not!
Tell me what you think....


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