Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moody skin!

Are you one of those people who has perfect skin and wash your face about once a week and eat all the chocolate and pizza you can? Then I hate you ;) My whole life I have struggled with mild acne. I shouldn't be bitching because my "acne" is not cystic nor is it all over but I always have zits, no matter what I do. They're not big or anything but more like annoying little white heads on the sides of my mouth that never really accumulate to anything but are there. Every week or so I'll have a little one come to the surface, pop it and then become obsessed with looking at it until it goes away! And as soon as that one goes away, well, another little friend pops up.
The reason why I mention this is because my skin is like this always no matter what I do. When I was bulking and trying to gain weight my skin was exactly like when I was cutting and trying to lose weight so obviously nutrition doesn't play a huge role for me.
When I would be having some drinks throughout the week as opposed to hardly ever drinking my skin has stayed the same so obviously alcohol does nothing for me.
When I am fully hydrated as opposed to dehydrated, my skin is the same.
When I take my vitamins instead of skipping them my skin is the same.
When I wash my face twice a day as opposed to once a day, my skin is the same.
When I was vegan and then switched to dairy/meat, my skin was the same.
So, basically what I'm getting at, is that skin care is something I feel that we have very little control over!!!!! It will clear up when it clears up and it will break out when it will break out. I think there is very little  we can to alter the path of our skin. Some of us are predetermined to have problem skin and some of us are blessed to have good skin. All though hormones play a huge role and we all know how volatile hormones can be and how easily they can be affected; consciously or subconsciously.
I've tried many different treatments: Proactive, Clinique, Exposed, Topical creams, antibiotics and even Accutane. All had the same effect, and that was basically nothing. I may be special or in that 20% bracket where these products don't really work or maybe these products actually don't work. Who knows. Sometimes I think the testimonials are absolute bullshit.Could be my bitterness talking hahah.
I will say, Accutane did work but only for about a year and then the same problem came back. I was on several cycles of Accutane and the side effects are defiantly not worth the outcome. That is why there are many lawsuits against Accutane.
The one bright spot in all of this, is that there is a cure and that my friends is sunshine. Rays of the gods!!!! Every summer my skin clears up fantastically. The zits go away and the marks fade. I was born to live and thrive in the sun. You really do need to listen your body and give it what it wants. Of course in moderation tho but I could lay out in the baking sun for hours and be the happiest bunny on this planet.
I have come to the conclusion that I am just gonna do my thang. I'll go about my life, try to eat clean, drink my water, exercise and if my skin clears up great, if not that's fine to.
This outside layer is merely a shell of who I am. My confidence and self worth does not and will not come from my skin, something which I feel I have no control over. I focus on the things where I can see the change, like my body (muscle, body fat %).
Our skin is meant to carry us through our lives, 60+ years if we're lucky, you don't think it's gonna show some wear and tear? Our outside layer was meant  to have blemishes and scars just as a case is meant to protect our cell phones.
Anyone have trouble with your skin? Share your troubles or share some things that have worked for you. Don't be shy!
Our skin is meant to protect the goods. So keep doing a great job skin.

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