Saturday, January 25, 2014

The dreaded bulk!

I thought I'd speak a little more about bulking and lifting, seeing as it can be a very scary thing to do, especially for girls. The thought of gaining weight is terrifying but you have to constantly see past it in order to achieve the goals you want to reach. 
I did a bulk back in the summer and then cut for a few months and now I'm back to bulking and lo and behold it isn't as easy to gain weight as it was before. I find that I am eating literally whatever I want, bread, chocolate and snacks but nothing seems to be doing the trick. I have steadily kept the routine to lifting at least 5 days a week with 20 min of cardio at the end of each session and then eating whatever I like. Last week I ate a tub of frozen chocolate yogurt ice cream in three days and not an ounce was put on! Since my last bulk and cut process I have noticed how it has changed my body. Gaining weight isn't as easy and I am defiantly more muscular at a lower weight where as before I was the same weight but not nearly as defined. I know the bulk and cut works but as you do it more and more your body requires more fuel to burn in order to grow. My whole life I've been so used to not eating a lot because that's what females do hahaha but now I am literally forcing myself to eat even when I'm not hungry and trust me I have days where I wish I wasn't cramming three pitas into my mouth. I just keep my goals in mind and it helps me get through the tough days. Here's a little video of some of the exercises I'm currently doing, enjoy!

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