Monday, March 24, 2014

You are a lightbulb of positivity, love and joy!

Hey everyone!

I've been doing some thinking about positive and negative energy lately and how it impacts day to day life. For as long as I can remember I have been a fairly impatient person. This impatience may be triggered by my environment or the people around me but the key word is triggered. All this means is that there are certain things that can start my roll of being impatient but I and I alone am responsible for acting on those triggers. Traffic may make me impatient but I let it effect me so that my mood actually alters into that of being annoyed. These feelings of being annoyed, irritated and frustrated all attract negative energy because them themselves are negative in nature.
It's quite easy if you step outside yourself and think about it. I'm not the first to recognize that positive energy draws positive energy and negative energy draws negative energy but I am starting to notice how true it really is. I think one example of negative energy that we all do is nag and complain. We complain about the most minuscule things in life or we pick at people for the most minuscule things.

Negative actions in the form of:
-Raised voice.
-Aggressive demeanor.
-Aggressive body language.
These negative actions stem from:
-Ability to communicate positively in the moment.
-Ability to cope.
-Need of control.

If we think of our lives as precious and time as our currency then we must evaluate what "is" and what "isn't" worth it. Is it worth it to disturb the positive flow of energy to nag someone over a bed not being made or the garbage not taken out? It's fine to mention things and relay what you're feeling in a positive manner but as soon as a topic is steered away from a positive path it is very easy for it to take a negative turn and who benefits from negativity? No one. It's not good for the person giving it or the person receiving it. This negative energy has a way to multiply and spread. It infects everyone and everything around it.
We need to realize that the little things we complain and criticize about are all routes to negativity. You may be completely frustrated because you're loved one always takes the blankets at night but you love that person so why invite negative energy into the world you share by harping on a topic until it becomes a much bigger problem then it ever should have been and that is why I say negative energy multiplies. It's like bunny's. There's 2 bunny's then all of a sudden there's 4, then 8, then 16, it just goes and goes and goes. The problem was small and could had been dealt with in a nice and positive manner but one person says something rude, the next reacts and so on and so forth. Look at how unnecessary that is.
For me, my goal in life is to have a constant inner peace no matter what the situation because maintaining inner peace allows for positive energy to constantly flow. Maintaining a positive energy is crucial for personal growth. Having inner peace is much more rewarding then giving into negative energy. Positive energy opens your senses up to the world and allows you to appreciate all it has to offer. Your core is always radiating positive energy. It is always being directed outward from the inside at every second of the day but when you start pushing out negative energy, it diverts the positive energy that was flowing from you; it's putting up a negative wall and forcing the positive to remain dormant
Your inner light bulb of love and joy is dimmed and suffocated by a heavy negative hand. You are the source of positivity and it is beautiful and it is pure and it is light.
The next time something bothers you, will you give into that negative temptation? Will you allow yourself to be seduced by the negativity? Or will you take a second and think, to breath, to relax, to emit love and understanding? We are so quick in our judgements and forget that our judgements do effect us and those around us. We need to love each other, the animals and the earth. We need to fill ourselves with love and compassion, so much so that there is no way negativity can penetrate that shield!
Am I a shining example of this? No way. But do I try to learn from my past experiences? Yes. Do I try to think before I react? Yes. Does it always work? No. But that isn't the point nor is it the message. I am aware of what nurtures me and my loved ones. I owe it to myself and the people I love to constantly be aware. If you can get that far, I think you're already one step ahead.
Life truly is a journey.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
-Deepak Chopra

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Hunger Pains: Life After Fasting.

I'm alive!!!
I survived the fast and can I say that I miss it? On Saturday when my fast was over I started my day by going to the gym and weighing myself and the final number for muscle/fat lost was 8lbs also keep in my mind my body was retaining no fluid as I had no sodium in my system. After the gym I went grocery shopping and picked a bunch of fresh fruit, veggies and nuts for my week of eating. I was actually a little nervous about eating  and wasn't really looking forward to it. I wanted to make sure that I was going to feed my body the proper foods to wake my digestive system up. That Saturday I ate nuts, an egg, fruit and some lettuce. Very, very small portions as well. Can I tell you that my body sure felt weird with food going back into it. It felt as if my intestines were a flat balloon and all of a sudden air was being blown into it and they were popping back up. All though I thought I was eating pretty safely, the sulphur dried fruit in the nut mix had a horrible reaction in my stomach. I started cramping and bloating very badly. I expected some bloat to come as I was introducing food back in but I was eating very little but was very bloated. This lasted into Monday. I have been eating very conservatively but on Tuesday night I went out for a birthday dinner. I decided to eat almost none of Tuesday so that I would have plenty of room for dinner but do you know what happens when you don't eat? Your stomach shrinks to the size of a walnut. I should had known better but I pigged out and am currently suffering the bloating/cramping side effects still.
I'm really trying to figure out the best diet for myself and I learned something the other day that made me come up with a theory.
Foods can be broken down into three simple categories: Fat, protein and carbs. I was told that vegetables and fruit are carbs and for some reason this never dawned on me but if it's not protein or fat then it must be a carb. With this theory, if you were to eat a 100% veggie and, that would mean that you are eating a 100% carb diet. This diet works for only certain people but from what I found by eating veggies/fruit for two weeks and eating whatever I wanted for two weeks is that there was no difference for me!! No weight lost or gained. Obviously one is more healthy but by how much if it's not actually doing anything for my body? The best diet that I have found that works for me is high fat, with moderate protein and low carbs and if you are going to eat tons of veggies, add a lot of olive oil and avocados and if you're going to eat a lot of fruit, add a lot of full fat Greek yogurt. I'm talking 11% full fat Greek yogurt. The only brand I've found that has this high of a fat percentage is Krema. It's got a ton of fat and protein but little carbohydrates. If you compare the full fat Greek yogurt to 0% Greek yogurt, the calories are virtually the same but what one lacks in fat and protein the other makes up with the replacement of sugar and high carbs. There is always the 35cal per serving Source yogurt but my god what is that exactly giving my body? The Greek yogurt is light and tangy and honestly I could eat tub after tub. I do also think that veggie fruit need a medium of fat/protein for the body to utilize and digest the food for all the properties that they have.
I shall continue this diet for the next few weeks and let you know how it goes. As it stands right now, I will be doing a fast every month from 3-5 days as I believe it is an integral part to physical and mental health.
May the force be with you all.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 4.

End of day 4, start of day 5!
Yesterday went well, mentally I'm not even hungry. I feel like I can go forever, I see how people could do 30 day fasts. The mental struggles are gone and what is left is clarity. Stay with me here, it's gonna get a bit out there. First of all without having to spend time thinking, preparing and eating food you actually have a lot more time on your hands then you know what to do with so your thoughts go wild. You spend a lot of time in your head and I think that time in your head gives great perspective. I feel very clear headed and hypersensitive. I'm hearing everything all at once. For instance it's hard sleeping because the sound of my heart beating is keeping me up. I also feel much more in control of my emotions and can really handle situations that would usually aggravate or upset me. I feel like I've broken through to another dimension and I'm on the outside looking in and observing. This could be actually happening or I could just be hallucinating from the lack of food haha who knows, but why not entertain each theory. The closest I can relate this experience would be to taking any kind of drug and feeling a bit loopy but with a sense of being completely and utterly aware of everything that's around and that isn't around.
My mental issues have done a complete 180 but is seems that my physical symptoms are upping it a notch. Yesterday I did feel some light headedness and some shaking before going to bed. My blood sugar yesterday at around 3 was 4.2 so its hard to say if these symptoms later at night correlated to my blood sugar being low. I am also very very warm still. This morning I can really feel the lethargy in my quads as if the muscle has been removed from the bone and it is just sitting there. My stomach is becoming concave because of the shrinking of the stomach and intestines. I am drinking tons of water but still feel dehydrated because of the lack of sodium and not being able to retain any of it but I still don't feel hungry.
Some great perspective was shown to me the other day in words: A building has it's main system and it's back up generator. You don't constantly run the system without testing out the back up generator and that is a direct analogy for fasting. How do you know what you're body can handle if you never test it. You're pushing your body into it's survival state and I would like to know that if the day came I would be able to easily transition into it. Do you do the same thing day in and day out and hope that when the day comes that you need to do something drastic like not eat, that you can handle it mentally and physically? Fasting is just another way we push ourselves. We push ourselves physically all the time, we should do the same mentally. Because the day may come when you will need your mental strength.
The body is only as strong as the mind.
May the force be with you all.

  <----------My brain right now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 3.

End of day 3 of fasting, start of day 4!
When I decided to do this fast I did not take into account that I may be working night shift at the hospital and lo and behold, night shift last night!!! It's very different fasting and not sleeping as well. Energy surprisingly wasn't an issue at all. The only problem? Explaining to everyone why you can't eat they're cookies and chocolates that they're offering you. Have you ever seen someone look as depressed as when they're food gets rejected? Night shift was a breeze and I feel completely refreshed after only about 2 hours of sleep. Maybe there is something to this fasting thing after all?
As I said before, I am mixing juice with water to dilute it so on the way to night shift last night I stopped at Safeway to buy some juice, 100% juice, not from concentrate. I went to the cold section first and all the health juices, even POM were all from concentrate, so what's the difference between POM and Dole? Marketing. I then went to the aisle with all the other juices. They had a whole section of natural and organic juices but they were all from concentrate!!! Every single one. I was actually quite surprised how juice can be marketed as natural but contain fillers such as Xantham gum. Xanthamm gum is in absolutely everything! But is actually not very good for you at all. 
Xanthan gum is a largely indigestible polysaccharide It works by placing the bacteria in a growth medium that contains sugars and other nutrients, and the resulting product of bacterial fermentation is purified, dried, powdered, and sold as Xanthan gum. Zero nutritional benefit and hard on your system.
The only juice I could find that was from 100% fruit was a blueberry juice from Lakewood Organic and cost a pretty $13.50 after taxes. So real juice is $13.50 dollars, real tomatoes are $2.50 a pound, and real bread is $5 a loaf but they're unhealthy counterparts are $1.50 for concentrate, tomatoes are $1.50 a pound and a loaf of bread is $1. Many people have no choice but to buy the cheaper products because those are the people who that junk is geared to and it is a shame that the companies who play into this act as if they have no role in the rising health pandemic
But I digress.
Now, the only symptom I seem to be experiencing is a rise in body temperature. My skin feels like it is on fire but internally I feel cool as a cucumber. That is my body repairing itself and burning fat (and muscle) for energy. It's kind of nice. It feels like I am always in the car with the heater on.
Yesterday my blood sugar at noon as 5.2 and 4.2 at three. Blood sugars remain stable and still not one headache yet!!
Day 4 should be easy breezy beautiful cover girl and then tomorrow is the last day! It has been an adventure. Will check in tomorrow before my final day of fasting!
May the force be with you all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 2.

Hey there!
Still alive and it's the start of day 3. Yesterday went well besides the constant fantasizing about food. It was a day long debate in my head about what I'm going to eat on Saturday. So far my choices are:
-A big bowl of veggies sautéed with olive oil, garlic, an over easy egg on top and avocado.
-Trail mix .
-Greek yoghurt with fruit.
I would kill for any of those right now. It may seem sadistic but I am willingly cooking my boyfriends dinners. For some reason being around the food, cooking it and smelling it keeps my mind occupied and it makes my cravings seize and desist. Sick eh?
Yesterday I took my blood sugar and it was 4.9, which is pretty good seeing as I haven't eaten for two days. I was taught that normal levels are 4-7 but I see hospitals have changed it to 3-11, so I'm right on point. I was feeling a bit light headed so I mixed some juice with water to dilute it and I felt right as rain.
I have also noticed that the light headedness comes whenever I stand up so I have to be a bit careful and slow down when I get up and change position. I feel like I'm 90 years old who needs a stand by at all times.
I was dreaming about my oats for a while tho but what I've found out about oats is that it is a resilient food but to it's detriment. It can grow well in poor soils, which makes it a great candidate for over cropped soils. Would you waste your good soil on oats when you can grow it just as well in poor soil? Of course not!! But as we know, we essentially eat the soil food was grown in because the food will soak up that soils attributes.
So organic or not organic oats, doesn't really matter because in the end everyone wants to make money and your food can still be organic grown in poor soil. Learning that kind of ting burst my bubble about oats:(:(
Day 3 here I come! I've been waking up later and later each day to make the time I'm awake being hungry less and less hahah.
Here's the link for oats so you can see what kind of conditions they can grow in:

May the force be with you all:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 1.

    After my decision to quit coke zero and coffee I have noticed that I feel better then ever. Don't get me wrong, there are days that I would kill for a $1 drink from McDonald's or a cup of coffee but I know it's not worth it. The biggest differences I have noticed is that I no longer crash at about 3 or 4 p.m., where I would usually have had another cup of coffee to pick me back up. I also noticed that I look younger! Hallelujah! Have I found the fountain of youth? Maybe not quite but still I have no puffiness in my face, my pores are smaller, no bloating and no dark circles under my eyes. I would also like to take this time to formally apologize to my kidneys and urinary system for the years of abuse, I can only imagine how grateful they are right now.
Making that change was one of the best decisions of my life so I started to think what else I could change to better myself. I've decided to completely cut out processed foods and this means anything that has more then one ingredient. I don't need to buy almond milk, I can make my own. Did you know that real almond milk should last 2 days not 30? Shocking! but even the health food industry is out to make money to, so who can  you trust? You can trust yourself and what you make. All though the produce is not always what it seems to be; is everything claiming to be natural and organic these days? but at least you have much more control over what you put into your body.
I felt like I needed a cleansing of my system before starting this new way of life so I decided to go on a 5 day fast. 5 days might not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things but I know that not eating for 4 hours drives me insane. There are people who fast for 30 days! I truly commend them for the will power and ability not to murder every single person they see within that time period.
I started my fast yesterday March 10. 14. So far so good. Yesterday I was pretty hungry because I would usually wake up, have a big bowl of oatmeal with fruit and almond milk so my little tummy was screaming for breakfast. The day went by pretty okay. I had tea and water but the real trouble started when I was trying to sleep. I don't know if that's because my body was cleansing out toxins or that I was so damn hungry I couldn't sleep. One thing I didn't count on was the difficulty to drink fluids when you don't eat. I'm not thirsty at all! and when I do drink cold water, it shocks my stomach and I can feel it contract even more. I can basically only drink warm water and tea but even that is a challenge.
I have done some research into fasting and the benefits seem to be to good to pass up, in fact many people suggest doing a 5 day fast every month.
They say the first 1-2 days of a fast is when you feel a detox effect from your digestive organs and liver. Day 3-5 your body goes into organ repair mode. I'm resting my bodies organs so now instead of trying to repair themselves while working they can focus solely on repairing themselves.
The only down side of fasting besides the hunger pains is the loss of muscle mass, which kind of goes against my goal of gaining weight but I feel that before I can continue my journey I need a reset.
It's the morning of Day 2 and I'm feeling pretty good, counting down the hours but good. I just have to get past Day 3 and then I figure it will be smooth sailing. Wish me luck! I'll check in tomorrow if I haven't fainted. May the force be with you all!

I tried doing half an hour of cardio yesterday and it was a horrible decision. I got through 25 minutes and stopped. If I want my body to be relaxed and repair itself the worst thing I can do is stress it with exercise. I'll see you at the gym on Saturday where I can weigh myself to see how much muscle I've lost!