Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 2.

Hey there!
Still alive and it's the start of day 3. Yesterday went well besides the constant fantasizing about food. It was a day long debate in my head about what I'm going to eat on Saturday. So far my choices are:
-A big bowl of veggies sautéed with olive oil, garlic, an over easy egg on top and avocado.
-Trail mix .
-Greek yoghurt with fruit.
I would kill for any of those right now. It may seem sadistic but I am willingly cooking my boyfriends dinners. For some reason being around the food, cooking it and smelling it keeps my mind occupied and it makes my cravings seize and desist. Sick eh?
Yesterday I took my blood sugar and it was 4.9, which is pretty good seeing as I haven't eaten for two days. I was taught that normal levels are 4-7 but I see hospitals have changed it to 3-11, so I'm right on point. I was feeling a bit light headed so I mixed some juice with water to dilute it and I felt right as rain.
I have also noticed that the light headedness comes whenever I stand up so I have to be a bit careful and slow down when I get up and change position. I feel like I'm 90 years old who needs a stand by at all times.
I was dreaming about my oats for a while tho but what I've found out about oats is that it is a resilient food but to it's detriment. It can grow well in poor soils, which makes it a great candidate for over cropped soils. Would you waste your good soil on oats when you can grow it just as well in poor soil? Of course not!! But as we know, we essentially eat the soil food was grown in because the food will soak up that soils attributes.
So organic or not organic oats, doesn't really matter because in the end everyone wants to make money and your food can still be organic grown in poor soil. Learning that kind of ting burst my bubble about oats:(:(
Day 3 here I come! I've been waking up later and later each day to make the time I'm awake being hungry less and less hahah.
Here's the link for oats so you can see what kind of conditions they can grow in:

May the force be with you all:)

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