Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Hunger Pains. Fasting: End of day 3.

End of day 3 of fasting, start of day 4!
When I decided to do this fast I did not take into account that I may be working night shift at the hospital and lo and behold, night shift last night!!! It's very different fasting and not sleeping as well. Energy surprisingly wasn't an issue at all. The only problem? Explaining to everyone why you can't eat they're cookies and chocolates that they're offering you. Have you ever seen someone look as depressed as when they're food gets rejected? Night shift was a breeze and I feel completely refreshed after only about 2 hours of sleep. Maybe there is something to this fasting thing after all?
As I said before, I am mixing juice with water to dilute it so on the way to night shift last night I stopped at Safeway to buy some juice, 100% juice, not from concentrate. I went to the cold section first and all the health juices, even POM were all from concentrate, so what's the difference between POM and Dole? Marketing. I then went to the aisle with all the other juices. They had a whole section of natural and organic juices but they were all from concentrate!!! Every single one. I was actually quite surprised how juice can be marketed as natural but contain fillers such as Xantham gum. Xanthamm gum is in absolutely everything! But is actually not very good for you at all. 
Xanthan gum is a largely indigestible polysaccharide It works by placing the bacteria in a growth medium that contains sugars and other nutrients, and the resulting product of bacterial fermentation is purified, dried, powdered, and sold as Xanthan gum. Zero nutritional benefit and hard on your system.
The only juice I could find that was from 100% fruit was a blueberry juice from Lakewood Organic and cost a pretty $13.50 after taxes. So real juice is $13.50 dollars, real tomatoes are $2.50 a pound, and real bread is $5 a loaf but they're unhealthy counterparts are $1.50 for concentrate, tomatoes are $1.50 a pound and a loaf of bread is $1. Many people have no choice but to buy the cheaper products because those are the people who that junk is geared to and it is a shame that the companies who play into this act as if they have no role in the rising health pandemic
But I digress.
Now, the only symptom I seem to be experiencing is a rise in body temperature. My skin feels like it is on fire but internally I feel cool as a cucumber. That is my body repairing itself and burning fat (and muscle) for energy. It's kind of nice. It feels like I am always in the car with the heater on.
Yesterday my blood sugar at noon as 5.2 and 4.2 at three. Blood sugars remain stable and still not one headache yet!!
Day 4 should be easy breezy beautiful cover girl and then tomorrow is the last day! It has been an adventure. Will check in tomorrow before my final day of fasting!
May the force be with you all.

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