Monday, March 24, 2014

You are a lightbulb of positivity, love and joy!

Hey everyone!

I've been doing some thinking about positive and negative energy lately and how it impacts day to day life. For as long as I can remember I have been a fairly impatient person. This impatience may be triggered by my environment or the people around me but the key word is triggered. All this means is that there are certain things that can start my roll of being impatient but I and I alone am responsible for acting on those triggers. Traffic may make me impatient but I let it effect me so that my mood actually alters into that of being annoyed. These feelings of being annoyed, irritated and frustrated all attract negative energy because them themselves are negative in nature.
It's quite easy if you step outside yourself and think about it. I'm not the first to recognize that positive energy draws positive energy and negative energy draws negative energy but I am starting to notice how true it really is. I think one example of negative energy that we all do is nag and complain. We complain about the most minuscule things in life or we pick at people for the most minuscule things.

Negative actions in the form of:
-Raised voice.
-Aggressive demeanor.
-Aggressive body language.
These negative actions stem from:
-Ability to communicate positively in the moment.
-Ability to cope.
-Need of control.

If we think of our lives as precious and time as our currency then we must evaluate what "is" and what "isn't" worth it. Is it worth it to disturb the positive flow of energy to nag someone over a bed not being made or the garbage not taken out? It's fine to mention things and relay what you're feeling in a positive manner but as soon as a topic is steered away from a positive path it is very easy for it to take a negative turn and who benefits from negativity? No one. It's not good for the person giving it or the person receiving it. This negative energy has a way to multiply and spread. It infects everyone and everything around it.
We need to realize that the little things we complain and criticize about are all routes to negativity. You may be completely frustrated because you're loved one always takes the blankets at night but you love that person so why invite negative energy into the world you share by harping on a topic until it becomes a much bigger problem then it ever should have been and that is why I say negative energy multiplies. It's like bunny's. There's 2 bunny's then all of a sudden there's 4, then 8, then 16, it just goes and goes and goes. The problem was small and could had been dealt with in a nice and positive manner but one person says something rude, the next reacts and so on and so forth. Look at how unnecessary that is.
For me, my goal in life is to have a constant inner peace no matter what the situation because maintaining inner peace allows for positive energy to constantly flow. Maintaining a positive energy is crucial for personal growth. Having inner peace is much more rewarding then giving into negative energy. Positive energy opens your senses up to the world and allows you to appreciate all it has to offer. Your core is always radiating positive energy. It is always being directed outward from the inside at every second of the day but when you start pushing out negative energy, it diverts the positive energy that was flowing from you; it's putting up a negative wall and forcing the positive to remain dormant
Your inner light bulb of love and joy is dimmed and suffocated by a heavy negative hand. You are the source of positivity and it is beautiful and it is pure and it is light.
The next time something bothers you, will you give into that negative temptation? Will you allow yourself to be seduced by the negativity? Or will you take a second and think, to breath, to relax, to emit love and understanding? We are so quick in our judgements and forget that our judgements do effect us and those around us. We need to love each other, the animals and the earth. We need to fill ourselves with love and compassion, so much so that there is no way negativity can penetrate that shield!
Am I a shining example of this? No way. But do I try to learn from my past experiences? Yes. Do I try to think before I react? Yes. Does it always work? No. But that isn't the point nor is it the message. I am aware of what nurtures me and my loved ones. I owe it to myself and the people I love to constantly be aware. If you can get that far, I think you're already one step ahead.
Life truly is a journey.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
-Deepak Chopra

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