Monday, January 11, 2016

How To Not Make Friends

 As I get older in this journey we call life, I find it harder and harder to make friends. I think it has to due with the fact that you've seen more shit, therefore are willing to put up with less shit. Long and short I think that's what it boils down to but I came across this article on the other day and I have been thinking about it ever since. It was titled, "Seven things you should never, ever bring up in conversation". The list goes:

"Route talk is when people tell you how they arrived, or how they came, how they got on the road, which road, how long it took,".
"Nobody cares. Nobody ever cares about other people's health."
Ever notice people retell their dreams in a tedious step-by-step format, without ever managing to recreate the spookiness or eeriness of the original version in their brains?
"Diet is a very big thing not to talk about. It's really boring,".
It's already hard enough to make friends and talk to people and now there are literally lists being made about things you can't talk about, really?
I agree, most people don't need to know about your period or how much money you make but god forbid we talk about health and diet. Does it offend you if I share a delicious meal I made or wonder what you had to eat in the day? It sounds kind of weird wanting to know what other people eat but it's interesting to know little things about people, it paints a larger picture and you get a sense of who they are. 
Dreams are fascinating! Why not share them?! There's obviously ones you share and ones you don't but hell, if you want to share you share that creepy ass dream you had!
Talking about how you got somewhere is like talking about the weather and I'm sorry but what is wrong with that exactly? The weather is unpredictable and your commute can be as well and unpredictable is always intriguing.
And not talking about how you slept? It's literally a universal bond that everyone shares. We all have to sleep therefor we can all relate.
I'm poking a bit of fun but let's talk reals, just you and mean right now. Society is pushing an agenda to keep us all on a superficial level, whether it be the things we buy or the relationships with have. Disposable is good for governments and society. Disposable means turn over, it means money and you bet your ass relationships make lots of people lots of money; just think about the movies, dinner, drinks etc.
You know what? This is a great list actually. If you meet someone and they don't want to hear about most of this stuff on the list well then they're probably not a good candidate to be your friend because a friend will listen to your idiosyncrasies, they will listen to your small aches and pains and you will return the favour because who else is going to? Should we keep everything to ourselves or try to filter ourselves in such a way in fear that we may push people away? Perfect! Let me just keep everything bottled up until I have a mental breakdown. You may think that I'm taking this too far or analysing this a little too much but little things add up until one day you forget to buy toilet paper and your crying crawled up in a fetal position in aisle 10. Be yourself, and those who like it will stay and those who don't, won't. 
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  1. I don't think that you are taking this too far or analysing this a little too much, it's a good perspective. cool blog ;)