Monday, February 15, 2016

Blame Those You Love Most!

"Have you seen my keys?"
"Well I put them here last."
"Well, I haven't moved them."
Well you must have because I didn't - Oh wait here they are!"

Have you ever noticed how quickly we turn on the ones we love when something isn't going our way. You could have hearts in your eyes all day and nothing but hugs and cuddles but as soon as you can't find your cell phone or keys, who's the first person we blame? Well, anyone but ourselves but we literally try to push the blame on those we love the most. Isn't human nature a wonderful thing?
There's no way we could had possibly misplaced the item or it could had been moved accidentally, it must had been the only other person we live with that has no reason to touch the thing we've lost.
I know myself I do it all the time, I think it's to try and resolve myself of accountability and all responsibility for seething that's gone wrong; I'm working on that. I still think that I haven't done anything wrong but I'm trying to not verbalise it until I've searched the premises two or three times with no luck.
It goes something like this:

(search the apartment three times for remote)
"Honey pie have you seen the remote?"(you must have moved it because I didn't)
"No I haven't seen it."
"Are you sure angel?" (I know you fucking moved it, just admit it."
"Nope haven't seen it."
"Oh, how silly and strange this is, it's like a ghost has picked it up and moved it." (I swear to god if you don't tell me where you put it I'm going to fucking kil-)
"Oh, here it is! Love you so much baby sweetie."

The trick is to stay calm and collected on the outside. Do this by being overly loving and affectionate, not so much that they suspect your internal struggle but not so little so that you seem passive aggressive; it's a delicate line to walk.
And it's not being fake or playing a game it's faking it until you make it. Why would you act n an impulse when you know better? Why ruin a moment or a day because of a quick negative reaction? Even if you're feeling it, push it down and handle the situation the way you know you should and here's hoping that eventually it will become a natural reaction. I feel like that is the way you better yourself in general; you act the way you know you should even tho your mind is telling you something different and eventual practice turns into habit.

Here's to being a better person, now where did I put my god damn keys?

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