Monday, February 29, 2016

King Leo

 First off, yes, a million times yes. Yes to infinity and beyond. Yes until the stars fall from the sky and the moon explodes. Yes for now and forever. Leo has finally won his Oscar. We can go on and on about how there are so many amazing actors who have never one an Oscar ( Johnny Depp, all though I am totally over cool hipster Johnny D)etc. but there is honestly no one who deserved an Oscar more than Leo. I will get into Leo's movies in a minute here but Leo is one of the last actors out there that you feel connected to. I'm not insane but I feel like I know Leo somewhat (hence why I call him Leo) but he is not only such a fine actor and such a pleasure to watch but he's also very you get what you see. He loves supermodels, yachts and climate change; no surprises and nothing to hide. He is one of the last greats standing and deserves tonight more than anyone in my opinion.

My list of movies Leo should had won an Oscar for (My top 5):

  1. Titanic: Yes, this is my inner fan girl screaming at the top of her lungs and kissing Leonardo DiCaprio Valentines in Teen Magazine but come on, it doesn't matter if you were a 10 year old girl or a 40 year old man, you loved Jack Dawson and you still do. He seemed wise beyond his years and the friendship and love that was portrayed on screen with the wonderful Kate Winslet is timeless and is still more than relevant today.
  2. The Departed: Yessssss. Leo as an undercover cop? Yes, please. He was absolutely superb in this film and managed to stand out amongst so many hard hitters. He was that cop with a bit of an edge and dedication to the job. I've never seen a better undercover cop film in my life and yes, it was due to every ones part in it but would it had been the same without Leo? Not a chance! And that's what we've got to ask ourselves here. Replace anyone of Leo's roles with someone else and do you think it would be just as good? What a silly question, of course not.
  3. Blood Diamond: Give me Leo with an accent any day of the week and I'm all in. Leo truly shines with the characters he is given. He is relatable and believable at the same time. It's like when you see him on the screen, you know it's Leo but whatever role he's playing seems so real, like you could reach out and talk with that character; his acting is completely submersive and Blood Diamond was no different. The most beautiful thing about Leo is that he allows those around him to shine and Blood Diamond I felt that he gave a platform for Djimon Hounsou to really excel and in the end turned out such a dynamic duo on the screen that you just could not look away.
  4. Django Unchained: Monster of a character! He was vile but yet you liked him and you couldn't wait to see where he was going. He was racist, egotistical and sick but why oh god why did we like him? He played the character to a T and completely committed to the role. If he was going to be vile, he was going to be vile but he was going to inject that Leo charm that we know and love to make it impossible to look away. I honestly thought he was going to win Best Supporting Actor that year for this role.
  5. The Wolf of Wall Street: He was robbed! Robbed I tell ya! Pompous, swindling prick but god almighty his speeches and monologues were scene stealing. No one could compete with what he brought. Again, everyone shone because of him and because of that he was electrifying. The scene where he is high on booze and qualudes and attempts to get out of his car is hysterical and captivating. I probably re watched that one scene a million times over. Some people thought he shouldn't had won because he was playing a role that rocked. He was a playboy, millionaire with a drinking and drug problem but I'm sorry since when did winning an Oscar mean you had to lose or gain a ton of weight and completely physically transform yourself? It's about the commitment and realness an actor gives to a character and he nailed The Wolf of Wall Street.
I think It goes without saying that he was absolutely perfect in the Revenant and absolutely killed that role. He was almost unrecognisable in every way but still had that glimmer of Leo and that's what I like; I want to still know who I'm watching. The beautiful landscape that he fit so perfectly into and the tearful relationships with the Natives was just heart breaking. Again, no need to say how incredible he and the film was. On a last note, I've never been attacked by a bear but I can only imagine that, that is what it would look like. My god, complete annihilation. Leo 0 - Bear 1 but Leo 1 Oscar - Bear None. So take that.
You could give honourable mentions to all his films but in particular to Leo playing a handicapped boy in What's Eating Gilbert Grape or his portrayal of King Louise and Phillipe in The Man in The Iron Mask. And even with his long glorious locks in The Man in The Iron Mask, I was still hopelessly in love. Besides these incredible films, he also gave us cult classics like The Beach and Romeo and Juliet. Nothing was more bad ass then watching The Beach at a sleepover and trying to conceal the evidence from your parents the next day.
I actually had my mom live messaging me from Canada so I would know the moment he won and you know what my first question was? Did they show Kate Winslet's face when he won and what did it look like? We all know they should end up together. You cannot fake a Jack and Rose love, you just can't. They belonged together 20 years ago and they still do today. Even if it's not eternal love, it's eternal friendship but there will always be a piece of me that holds onto hope that they will live happily ever after.
I rushed home from work and watched his speech immediately and it was perfect. What a gentleman, what poise to act like he wouldn't have killed everyone in the room if he had not won and Kate Winslet's longing and love on her face when he was speaking, I mean you just can't write it any more perfectly.

I feel insane but I just feel so at peace now that Leo has won, like now it doesn't matter anymore. These awards were built for Leo and they can go away now. Of course I love many other actors and actresses but it always boiled down to Leo. And all though the award means absolutely nothing really, it just felt like such a disservice that he had never received one and now all is right in the world.
I shall miss the memes of Leo as they were hilarious but I will gladly give up a laugh or two knowing Leo has finally reached the goal line.
I'm not insane, truly but I'll never let go Jack.

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